Friday, September 5, 2008

DIY: Wedding Invitations

Because I had a little bit of extra time after I made the invitations, I enlisted my mother and sister to help Gocco the ceremony booklets. When they were all done, they became my favorite wedding paper item! *picture added post-wedding

**UPDATE** I revamped the invitation...well...just a little.I rounded the corners. Thanks for the idea Riss!

These are the wraparound labels inspired by those on the Martha Stewart Weddings site. I'll affix these to the bronze envelopes instead of hiring a calligrapher. I would like one but I'd rather spent the money on a honeymoon upgrade :)

I'm outrageous, I know. But I really believe that if you are inspired enough, you can create beautiful decorations that are both elegant and cost-effective. Take a trip with me, won't you, we're a-moving down craft lane...


These are the panel invites I created. The top one is the final version (4x9) and the bottom is my first attempt...a 5x7 panel card.

These were really a labor or love...and price-consciousness...I enjoyed making them and I just couldn't stop adding elements (i.e. the DIY red pocketfold, ribbon, envelope liner, monogram get the idea). Knottie BriannaNichole gave me a HUGE hand in learning to navigate Photoshop. I am very grateful! This allowed me to design my invitations my way...and on my own budget :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DIY Photo Crafts

I used this on our newsletter. I loved making Big D take these photos. He was reluctant in the beginning but I begged and he gave in.

Once I figure out how to upload the newsletter, I will. I am really proud of it. All 8 pages. My friends are going to HATE me.

Photo Cuff Links

I made these for Big D so that he would be able to see his mother's face on our special day. She was definitely with all of us in spirit and in our hearts. Big D loved this gift.

DIY Flowers

Sure, it took me 2 hours for this letter, but it was all worth it. I think. I'll let you know after we get the pro pics :)

Oh, and I've only done one so far. I'll tackle the other one later in the week.
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