Friday, May 15, 2009

A Weighty Issue

A very fresh, very large fruit salad is looking pretty refreshing in my head right about now. I've been working on a list of ingredients in my head. Is it possible for me to become even more obsessed with food? Not likely. I loved food before I became pregnant. Unfortunately, I will be bidding my favorite food, the majestic blue crab, adieu for now. Thinking of cooked shellfish is making me ill. I never thought it'd come to this.

On the food girlfriend gained a significant amount of weight during her pregnancy and she has warned me to be careful about packing on too much weight when I become pregnant (little did she know that I was already expecting when she dished out this little nugget of advice). She immediately dropped 30 pounds post-partum and I think she looks great. She still has about 40-50 to go (according to her, at least) and it got me thinking.

I have always been pretty conscious about what I eat. I avoid carbs like the plague, save for a slice of wheat bread here or there) and try to work out at least three times a week. We all know that doesn't always happen but now that I'm pg, I feel like I need to kick it up a notch. I am therefore making the promise right here, right now people, that I will NOT eat with reckless abandon and blame it on the baby. No, the baby does not need Ring Dings and Ho-Hos. The baby doesn't need that delicious piece of tiramisu staring at me from the window of the Italian bakery, cold with condensation. Mom wants all of those things and she's too afraid to admit that she just wants to indulge her sweet tooth. This may be more difficult than it sounds now, but I promise you baby that I will not go nuts in the Entemann's Outlet and blame it on you. I will find some other way to justify the extra 1,500 calories that day. I swear.

I'll wait until you're a little older and I'll blame it on the fact that all Drake's Cakes need to be tasted for possible contamination before you have one as a treat.


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