Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 15

I can't believe I've got a little orange in there! Since the NT results, I've been a little less worried about the little one...though its just a scan, not a guarantee. I've always been a touch on the neurotic side about my health and the health of others so I have to learn to just let go and relax. My diet hasn't really changed for the most part, though I've noticed that my meals have gotten smaller (i.e. I'm not as hungry), but I'm hungry more often. I'm REALLY tempted to weigh myself to see just how this new decrease in portion size but increase in meal increments has affected me. The Big Guy has also noticed that I breath heavily when climbing the stairs to our apartment. Strange, since I realize that Baby isn't yet big enough to compress my chest cavity.
Since I always err on the "over-informed" side, I looked it up - those pesky pregnancy hormones are to blame for the labored breathing. It should correct itself. Just in time for the size of the baby to have an actual impact on my lung capacity. Fantastic.

Continuing the march towards normal proportions, baby's legs now outmeasure the arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably still can't feel the movements.


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