Tuesday, December 28, 2010

General Mills Family Flick Giveaway Winner!

And the winner is.... Marci H/Tri-State Cruisers!

I'll be contacting you for your details :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day!

And I left my camera in New England. I've really got to do something about this Mommy Brain.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hop on In Sweeheart!There's Room for Two.

Do you see the finish on this baby?

Auto Steering? Sweet.
Now if I could just get this seat.... Whoah!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mama's Mini Gourmand?

The last few weeks have been tough on this working mom. Baby D has been sick from one thing or another - coughing fits, high fever, the always pleasant stomach virus - for most of this month. Of course I've also been catching everything as a result. How isn't Big D getting any of this? Anyway, I've been having to take off half and full sick days here and there. You know, those days that we moms called "Mental Health Days" (with indignant conviction) before we had children? Now, I love my baby. But this guy is a BUSY BODY. Even when he's sick. No peaceful sick rest. Its all running around and chock-hazard elimination over here. Nothing like the mani/pedi sick days we had in our twenties. Nothing like that at all.

Oh, that's not the point of this little post. The point is that I've gotten to know something pretty awesome about Baby D today. He likes Chinese Hot & Sour soup. You know, the one with Wood Ear mushrooms, tofu and red pepper flakes? My sweet little runny-nosed baby likes it. Weird. I have adult friends for whom that combination is too gastronomically complex (or strange - depending on what side of the fence you're on). He also likes different types of fish and vinegar-based sauces. What am I trying to say? He's a genius. That's all.

Did I tell you how much puffery irks Big D? When he heard a woman on Wheel of Fortune talking about how intellectually advanced her 13 month old is, eye-rolling ensued. In fact, he was rooting against her for the remaining rounds. Lose a Turn! Bankrupt! Apparently, baby didn't get his gift from the mom. I kid.

I'd like to think I'm responsible for Baby D trying (and liking) different foods. Oh, right, I'm the one who gives it to him. Now if only I could convince the daycare ladies that occasional assorted chips aren't a healthy snack choice without sounding too uppity...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

General Mills Family Flick Night Giveaway!

Before I got pregnant, I wasn't a movie person. But they have represented my own little getaway since I've had the baby (not to mention during those sleepless nights when I was 8 months pregnant!) The same goes for cereal. I was DEPENDENT on cereal as my primary means of getting calcium because I refuse to drink milk sans accoutrement

This giveaway combines those warm feelings I get when I think of movie night with my family and the crunchy/cold goodness of a nice bowl of cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my personal favorite. Big D is a Honey Nut Cheerios guy. I wonder what that says about our respective personalities and movie choices? Me: creative (aka somewhat, er, carefree with housework) + romantic comedies + suspense = Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Big D: no nonsense + action + documentaries = Honey Nut Cheerios.

Have you noticed how expensive it is to bring a family of four to the movies? Here in NYC, you're out of  about $85 once you buy the tickets and two large popcorns! Don't even talk to me about the $7 box of candy. With those prices and our current economy, you need all the help you can get if you'd like to go to the movies for a laugh, a good scare or a good cry.

Buy It! 

Beginning in November 2010, you can get a free movie ticket when you purchase two specially marked packages of Big G cereals including Honey Nut Cheerios® (17 oz.), Cinnamon Toast Crunch® (17 oz.), Lucky Charms® (16 oz.), Trix® (14.8 oz) and Reese´s Puffs® cereal (18 oz.).

After purchasing two participating cereals, visit generalmills.com/moviecash to enter the unique code found inside each box of cereal and print your free Movie Cash certificate (good for one admission of up to a $12 value at participating theatres). To find a participating theater in your area, log onto http://emoviecash.com/dis_locator/. Can't wait? Enter our giveaway!

Win It! 

A prize package with two boxes of General Mills cereal and your own set of four (4) Movie Cash certificates (up to $12 value each). Bonus: the codes in the 2 boxes will give you a 5th FREE Movie Cash Certificate!

To enter, post a comment answering one of these questions: 
  • What do you do to make your movie night special?
  • What's your cereal/movie personality?

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The package can only be shipped within the U.S.

Disclosure: This giveaway was made possible by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. I received the Family Flick Night prize package for this review and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own. Thank you to MyBlogSpark who supplied the products for the giveaway.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Opinions, Please.

My sister said its weird (read: completely inappropriate) to wear a bikini on a Christmas card. I think she's Victorian. What do you think?

Exhibit A

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sprichst Du Deutsch? O Ja.

So, last week I decided to seriously begin German language training with Baby D. The only issue with which I am wrestling is how to teach the baby German while still being inclusive when Big D is around. While it would be secretly awesome for the baby and I to carry on stealth conversations with Dad in the room, it wouldn't be very nice. But it would be fun. Just imagine the two of us bent at the waist, slapping our knees and cackling at a joke all while Big D stares on blankly. Like a shivering man standing out in the cold looking at the family cozily sitting by the fireplace. A warm, precious mom and son scene. Not so much for Dad.

Since I learned most of my German as an adult, I'm not very familiar with vocabulary and phrases parents use with young children. This poor baby is going to be speaking in the style of a political magazine. I did my research (thank you Secretary Google) and found Alphabet Garten. She has a PDF handbook with every tot-friendly German phrase you could imagine. I feel good about this. Let's hope Big D feels inspired enough to listen in on our German days and we may have THREE German speakers in the family. Then we'd be able to talk about everyone else while they stare blankly and try to understand what the hell is so funny. Real family bonding.

Any suggestions for successfully raising a bilingual child?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hallmark Discount Code

Yes, those are my fingers. Oops.

I just ordered Christmas cards from Hallmark and let me tell you - easy peasy. Usually, I craft my photo cards from scratch - from taking the photo to the Photoshop editing and graphic design.

But this year, with the wild man running around, I really don't have time. Hallmark sent me a sample from a photo I took at BlogHer. They shared a discount code with me and I was able to order my cards - did I tell you that they send them out to your recipients as well? No stamps to lick? Sign me up.

You, my dear reader, can order your own and even save a couple bucks with this 30% off code: Blogher30.
Don't forget to use the free shipping or free stamps discount code from their site as well.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Testing My Video Upload Skills...

I'm working on a year-in-review video for the baby's first birthday. Anyone have any tips for successful (and easy) editing?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back from Vacation. Back to Business.

We're just recovering from our vacation and we've got a few exciting new giveaways to present before year's end.

In the meantime, Baby D wants you to throw your hands in the air. And wave 'em like you just don't care.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Diaper Genie II Elite Review

Is it weird that today, the day after that hallowed family holiday, Thanksgiving, I thought about how awesome my Diaper Genie II Elite is? Well, I did. Yesterday was Baby D's very first Thanksgiving. And thus his first time eating Thanksgiving fare. The turkey, the candied yams, the southern-style baked macaroni and cheese, the ham, the collard greens. Need I go on? Ok, the Tiramisu was pretty delicious too.

Anyway, this delightful smorgasbord must've been a bit too much for the kid because he's been a poop-machine all day. ALL DAY. Poor guy.

So, I've been counting my blessings today that we have a Diaper Genie in the apartment because, even with all those dirty diapers in there, you don't smell anything. Nothing. The same couldn't be said for the last diaper container we had. I actually registered for it because I didn't want to have to buy refills for the Diaper Genie.  Yes, I was a being a cheapo and boy did I pay for it. After a couple days' worth of diapers, the other diaper container stunk up the apartment to high heaven. Something our noses couldn't afford in such a limited space.

The difference between the Diaper Genie and my other can was that the Diaper Genie bags actually line the whole inside of the can. So the diapers never touch any part of the container. You just open the top using the foot pedal and toss it in. The other can we had, the Diaper Champ, actually required that we squish the diapers with the weighted top until the rotator thing pushed it down into the not-so-airtight diaper chamber.

We use less than one bag refill a month for the Diaper Genie so its really not as bad as I expected. That's about $6 (less with store rewards coupons) every 6-8 weeks. And a lot less headaches because we don't have to change the bag as often because it doesn't smell. We just wait until it's full.

Big D really likes the Diaper Genie too. He's very tidy and disliked the other diaper container because of the odors that it allowed to escape and the frequency with which we had to change it. So, the Diaper Genie also gets his vote, which is key because he's the only one in the house willing to do the heavy lifting around here!

Disclosure: I received the Diaper Genie II Elite for this review and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own. Thank you to PlaytexBaby who supplied the product for the review.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby D Likes to Party. All Day.

Dear Friends with Children:

Why haven't any of you warned me that its entirely possible for a baby to stay up for 10 hours straight? With no naps. Zero. Well, if you don't count the new "laying my head on the ground to psych you out" thing he does. It looks like a temper tantrum but he just lays there for a second and back up he goes. Grabbing everything in sight and making (admittedly very cute but constant) noises all the while. If you try to sit him in your lap, bring on the flat-backin' and jelly-leggin'. Yes, my friends, we have a toddler. A smiling, pointing, laughing-then-inexplicably-whining, curious little toddler.

Add the stress of STILL negotiating the contract on a house and researching the best mortgage rates and we have a party. A sleep-deprived, return-to-wearing-my-anti-teeth-grinding-retainer party.

Aren't I supposed to be on here hitting send and letting go? Instead I'm wearing this retainer and watching enough ID Television true murder mysteries to scare a coroner. Where is my crossword puzzle book? Vacation cannot come soon enough!


"Who Says You Need Twelve Hours to Function?" Karns

Monday, November 15, 2010

Terrible Twos... At One?

So, I've been EXHAUSTED because Baby D has been squirming, squiggling and sliding out of our hands for the past week. The guy just. doesn't. stop. moving. It's magical and exciting to see him developing these new skills and chasing freedom from our grasps, but boy is it tiring. He's quite the little vocalizer, reprimanding Big D and I, his lowly minions, in his very own language.

Did I mention that he points? And waves in a mocking fashion whatever objects he managed to grab from their not-so-well-hidden temporary homes on shelves or atop raised surfaces and tables? He's lucky those pearly little rabbit teeth he has are always visible in a rickety little smile. Well, when he's not furrowing his little brow very seriously and putting us on a time-out.

Don't believe me? I have video. I'll post just as soon as I have a moment for a nap and a quick tutorial on video editing. Which could be once he turns three.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My laptop is down for the count and my back-up is at work so I am unable to post (in a meaningful way). Hopefully, I'll be back in business tomorrow!

-iPhonin' it Karns

Monday, November 8, 2010

House Hunting - It's a Jungle Out There.

The reason I've been incommunicado lately is because Big D, Little D and I have been on the house hunt. And boy is it a hunt. Let me share a story with you about one slithery little predator we encountered.

So, our sweet little family made an appointment to view our very first listing. And we loved it. It had everything we wanted. Except a driveway and a garage. But hey, its New York. You can't have everything.

We put an offer in right away, all the while discussing just how we'd decorate the place. What kind of grill and garden furniture we'd use. I was representing us as a real estate broker - yes, I wear many hats - and we were able to move quickly. Making us great prospective buyers. So I thought.

Enter Anita the Cheata, we'll call her, the seller's broker. She refused to send a counter-offer to what was, by all accounts, a very good offer. As a  matter of fact, she launched into a rant about my lack of business cards - and anything else she could think up - at the visit. You know, the visit to the seller's house that she didn't attend. You see, what I didn't know about New York is that some real estate agents are sharks.

Anita the Cheata didn't like it that I was representing myself. She wanted the commission that I, as the buyer's broker, would have earned. And boy did she try everything to get it. Including reminding me about my relative newness to the business and downright refusing to respond to my offer. Or cooperate in any way. It all left me wondering whether my being a person of color had anything to do with her acidic response to us.

But don't cry for me Argentina. Anita the Cheata actually did me, well, us, a favor. We would have settled on that house, and wouldn't have discovered the one we absolutely love. And worse, we would have allowed an undeserving sales agent the joy of receiving a good chunk of change for the holidays. Coal in your stocking Anita!

Here's to a successful house hunt. Wish us luck. We just may need it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby Dipper Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner! Its Lindsey G.!

Lindsey, I have e-mailed you with further information. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours, I will choose a new winner.

Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway. Some of your pureed baby food suggestions actually made ME hungry. Though that really isn't a great feat :)

I have many more exciting giveaways coming up, so stay tuned!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Law School = The Second Mortgage

Don't get me wrong - I love the fact that I went to law school and became a lawyer. What I don't like is the prohibitive cost associated with it. You see, I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to zero in on and actually obtain the job that I really wanted. However, I know many fellow graduates who weren't so lucky. I think that law schools should be honest with their applicants about the probability of 1.) getting a job 2.) getting a job that will cover their monthly law school payment AND allow them a decent quality of life.

Outside of the legal news periodicals, not much is covered about the business of law schools. As a reader of a few popular law journals, I've learned about how the post-graduation job stats are..er...exaggerated. And a graduate's ability to use a law degree to practice something other an law is also not exactly...well...close to the truth. Its just that there are so many law school graduates and not so many top jobs. So the unlucky ones (i.e those unable to matriculate into top tier schools or unable to earn grades in the top of the class at a mid-tier school) are unable to do what they actually went to school for. Or pay back the bank for the honor of graduating with a law degree. I'm fortunate that this isn't my case. But it is for so many.

What's with the law school rant, you ask? I was just thinking about how I would reply if Baby D expressed an interest in law school. We're house-hunting right now and I just found it interesting that law school payments are usually about the same cost of a mortgage in most large cities. That's a little crazy, no? Food for thought, folks, when thinking about your career path. The large amount of debt you will incur should not be taken lightly.

Let's hope Baby D finds Business School to be more his speed!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - One Year Ago - 8 Months Pregnant

*Picture has been cropped to protect the non-rhythmically inclined

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Martha Throws a Slumber Party. And Invites Me.

Darcy Miller, editorial director at Martha Stewart Weddings, threw a parent-friendly (you know, where you get to send the little devils home after the cake has been served) pajama party for her daughter Ella and shared her tips with the Martha Stewart Show audience. I was invited (!) and provided front-row seats next to two fellow bloggers. It was nice to be in familiar company. And have someone to change clothes with outside on the street to avoid walking through the city in pajamas!

From left: Bobbi Brown, Martha Stewart, Dylan Lauren, Darcy Miller
 (Credit: David Steele/ The Martha Stewart Show)

Bobbi Brown gave make-up tips for teen girls (though these were all totally appropriate for the minimal amount of make-up I generally wear), Dylan Lauren of Dylan's Candy Bar made candy wrapper houses that would make ginger bread houses jealous and Darcy (yeah, we're on the first name basis. In my head.) decorated journals, flashlights and pillowcases. Glitter and shiny things EVERYWHERE. I loved it!

Best of all, everyone got a gift bag filled with all the goodies from the show! I love you Martha. I often wonder what its like to have your name become a noun. I.e. She's the Martha Stewart of baby nursery decorating. The woman's name is synonymous with creativity. Now if only I could become the Martha Stewart of organizing. Heck, I'll even take the title of being the Martha Stewart of getting dressed for work.

All this Martha Stewart-ing has me thinking about Baby D's first birthday party. Since its so close to Christmas, I would like for the decorations to be less Christmas and more pirate. But my mom is anti-pirate because she's not thinking old school Arrrgh swashbucklin' pirate but modern East African board your international-flagged tanker and demand a ransom from the World Bank pirate. She's so crazy.

                                                                         Me thinking.

For the actual crafts featured: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/slumber-party-ideas-from-darcy-miller

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Dipper Review and Giveaway!

The shape of the bowl is very ergonomic. The inside of the bowl is smoothly contoured, responding well to the size and shape of the utensils. The blue rubber rim on the bottom allows me to actually place the bowl close enough to Baby D that I can feed him without him being able to topple it with one of his Karate Kid-esque swipes.

He tried, but it wouldn't budge. Had a normal bowl been this close during a feeding, I would be wearing chicken noodle surprise. Surprise! It'll cost $95 to replace that Brooks Brothers shirt Mom!

The spoon was deep enough to hold a healthy portion for our Chubbman. When he starts faux-chomping the air, you know he didn't get enough from the last spoonful. Not the case here. He even dipped his upper lip in to make sure he got to the bottom of the spoon.
After a few futile tries at pushing the bowl in an attempt to "accidentally" tip it over, Baby D is sitting nicely with his hands on the table.

The utensils are small enough that Baby D could easily grab them with his cute, meaty little paws. The rubber helped him hang onto it even when his hands were made slippery from the food. (I said he couldn't tip the bowl over, I didn't say it prevented him from dipping his fingers in it!)
Ok, he's got the wrong end going on here. But, he gets the concept of self-feeding. The Baby Dipper makes it easier for him to attempt self-feeding because the bowl doesn't slide around and the utensils are small and very graspable.
Look! Just one chicken noodle escapee. Before the Baby Dipper, we had a mini Jackson Pollock on our hands. Sweet potatoes being his preferred medium and the high chair table and chair cover his canvas.

Because of its extreme ease-of-use and sturdy construction, I would recommend the Baby Dipper to any family with infants or toddlers. I would especially recommend it for oft-multitasking working mothers and mothers with multiples. This is fitting because the creator of the Baby Dipper, Barbara Schantz, created the bowl after struggling to feed her twins. Necessity is truly the mother of invention! 

I'll be picking upon a couple of these for my expecting friends as well. So they won't have to go through the "getting slimed" motherhood rite-of-passage. Or, for the sake of selfish amusement, should I wait until they do?

Buy It!
You can find the Baby Dipper online and at national and local stores for about $9.95.   

Win It!
Excited yet? You can win a Baby Dipper of your very own and get more food in your baby's mouth and less on everything else!

Visit the Baby Dipper website and leave a comment here telling me what favorite baby food you'd put in your Baby Dipper.


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So that everyone can join the fun, the giveaway is not open previous Baby Dipper giveaway recipients.

The package can only be shipped within the U.S.

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I received the Baby Dipper for this review and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own. Thank you to Baby Dipper who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Laptop:

I realize that our relationship has not always been a good one but I need you to hang in there for me. Last night, when you simply 'checked out' when I was trying to communicate with you made me realize that I've been neglectful. You see, I learned an awful lot from Laurie Puhn, J.D. last night at the Pregnant New Yorker-sponsored event. She discussed how happy couples have conversations with a goal.
Her book, Fight Less, Love More, really urged me to focus more on our relationship. I need to be more appreciative of you. What about Big D? He's cool about the whole thing. We got to turn to one another during the book discussion and say why we appreciate the other person. While the other couples rambled off lists of glowing compliments to one another, he stopped at just one. He said he's saving the remaining compliments to use for the rest of the month. Now that's a practical fellow. He has conversations with a goal.
Back to you and I. I need you to stay in this relationship with me because I really don't know where else to turn. We've been on this ride for a while now and I don't even know where to start saving our memories. I'm telling you what I need from you. I hope you will respond accordingly. You behaved iffy last night. I don't want to seek out another but sometimes I wonder if you were the right choice for me. Being Open Box and all. I took a leap of faith. Don't pull the plug on us.
P.S. I won a gift certificate for a massage from Prenatal Massage Therapist Janet Markovits. I'm saving it for the day you decide you've taken all the vanity-driven information from me that you can handle. I'm going to need it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

mamaRoo Giveaway Winner

Our winner is...Julianne!

Congrats Julianne! You have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail in order to claim your mamaRoo.

Thank you to everyone for your comments. Check back soon for more giveaways, reviews and fun!

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Feeling

I've got that fall feeling. Its my favorite time of year. You get to wear sweaters. And UGGs. And eat pumpkin-spiced anything with reckless abandon. You can put on a few extra pounds without anyone taking notice. Unless your husband plans trips to the Caribbean in the winter. Then 20, maybe 25 days of the 30-Day Shred is more of what fall looks like.
Why isn't fall capitalized like it is in most other languages? It deserves to be with all the crisp McIntosh apples to pick and cinnamon sticks to swizzle in your cup of hot cider. As a - ahem - respectable mom, you don't have to dress like a complete tramp for Halloween. If you're anything like me, you'll dress as Isaac, the Love Boat bartender. You know, using an afro and a white polyester ship captain's costume and cap that were intended for the 8-10 year old set (at least that was the size on the package). Oh, wait. I wore that before I was a mom. To my Halloween-themed rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding. Where I allegedly did green goblin shots. Allegedly.  
And fall gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling because we celebrate our anniversary. Maybe we'll go back to the carousel where we took our wedding pictures and go for a whirl with Baby D. Maybe this year he'll be Isaac.

Monday, October 4, 2010

MamaRoo Review and Giveaway!

If the Jetsons ever showed Elroy as a baby, he would have been cradled in the mamaRoo. This amazing baby seat is futuristic in both its movement and construction. When I unpacked it from the box, I thought, oh no, this will be another over-sized piece of unusable baby gear. But it wasn't. In fact, its the opposite.

As I mentioned before, the mamaRoo is really well made. It is sturdy and the movement is very fluid. I was pleasantly surprised! When we put the baby in it, he lay back with a look on his face that said, "impress me, mere mortals". We tried out each of the five settings: Car Ride, KangaRoo, Tree Swing, Rock-a-Bye and Ocean Wave. Our baby's favorite setting was the Car Ride. Not surprising when considering he spends many of his waking, er, sleeping hours in the car! If you have a fickle baby, you can adjust the speed within each setting as well. Our baby liked the slower speed when he was dozing off. And he liked the faster speed when he was in more of a "let me get fresh and grab these little globe things from the mobile" mood. That's another cool feature - the bright, happy mobile balls are detachable for all those grabby babies out there, like ours.

Another big plus is that we were able to connect our iPod with the mp3 player dock to play the baby's favorite German lullibies. Or mom's favorite books on tape. What? Who says I shouldn't be finding the path to enlightenment or learning Italian while the baby is relaxing in the mamaRoo? If your baby enjoys white noise, the mamaRoo comes equipped with five different nature sounds to soothe your crankypants.

Finally, if your baby is a little chubbo like ours, he can hang out in the mamaRoo until he's 25 lbs.  This is particularly refreshing for a mom whose swing and jumper maxed out at 18 lbs!

Buy It!
You can find the mamaRoo in six different colors online and at national and local stores for about $200.   

Win It!
Excited yet? You can win a mamaRoo of your very own and give Mama's arms a rest for a chance!

Visit the 4moms website and tell me your favorite MamaRoo color.


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The package can only be shipped within the U.S.

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I received the mamaRoo for this review and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own. Thank you to 4moms who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Putting it All Together - Crib Notes

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday so I decided to try my hand at solo crib assembly after we returned. His mini-crib was becoming crowded by his ever-expanding Babyness so we moved on to bigger digs.

Freshly poked and prodded by the good doctor, Baby D seemed undeterred as he got down to business by picking up every piece of packing material and either ripping it up or throwing it. Or ripping it up AND throwing it.

Then came the Baby D light bulb moment: precariously balancing by his belly on the crib support beam. Where was mom while he was kicking his legs trying to figure out how to get out of this mess?

Taking a picture of the whole thing.

Baby D in his new big boy jail with the Cadillac of crib bedding. Albeit wrinkled crib bedding. I wanted to iron it, I swear. But I was too tired from alternately using my outstretched legs and arms to stabilize one side of the crib while I screwed in another. Why didn't I think to simply lay it on its side? Rookie mistake.

What's the deal with the carrot crumbs? Does this kid ALWAYS have food on his face when I take a picture?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've Got a Sleeper!

We've finally arrived. Baby D slept through the night in the full meaning of sleeping through the night. I didn't have to wake up and pat him to reassure him that we were still around. Hovering as usual. It's funny that he chose last night to take this independent-sleeping thing by the horns. You see, yesterday, Mama did something pretty independent herself. Tired of having nightmares that my baby's Michelin Man legs would get trapped between the slats of his Cherrywood mini –crib, I stopped into a department store on the way home from work. I had only planned to have a look, assess the crib and mattress situation, and leave. But if you know me, you know that's not at all possible.

When I get something in my head, I go after it with steely-eyed determination. Like that 6 inch thick newly translated from Italian cookbook that I HAD to have so I had it shipped overnight.  And never used it. Or the roller sneakers that I thought would revolutionize how I would process my caseload at work. I wore those in the mall with Big D holding my arms in a scene straight from Bambi on Ice and never used them again. But I digress.

The unadvertised sale coupled with the overflowing clearance section and helpful salesman with secret coupons made this a deal that was too good to pass up. That and Baby D's heartwarming giggles as he played peek-a-boo in the floor model. Who cares that I was nearly 30 miles from home with a car that is definitely nowhere near the size of a truck (or even SUV)? I had the distractedly texting teen salesman from the store hoist a full-sized crib and mattress on the roof. I even did the honors of tying those suckers to the roof. He was so impressed; he asked me if I had been a Boy Scout. Ah, the refreshing astuteness of the next generation. I thought Big D would be upset that I did a job that he prides himself in, being the strapping hunter-gatherer that he is. But he too admired my knot handiwork after a hearty tug on the ties. He probably secretly wondered about my pre-Big D whereabouts during Fleet Week. These were some strong knots my friends. The crib assembly party is tonight. Stay tuned.

P.S. WHY are crib bedding sets so expensive? The bedding I chose cost more than the crib itself! Are the bumpers and comforters made of the abandoned locks of flaxen-haired angels?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Seafood Lover's Guide Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner! It is....... Erica D!

Thank you all for sharing your delicious recipes with  me (and each other). Reading the comments made me hungry (especially for salmon and tuna melts!) Please continue to eat fish (except the no-nos*) as a healthy part of your pregnancy diet!

Erica D, I will contacting you shortly.
*Shark, Tilefish, Swordfish

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mom Wars

Yesterday I did it. I caught myself judging another mom. And I was judging HARD. Every mother does it. If you meet one who tells you she doesn't, she's not being truthful. I don't use the word "liar" because my mother forbade it when I was a child. Funny that I would grow up to become a lawyer. I kid. Anyway, I was trying to be supportive. But because it was not the exact approach that I would have taken in resolving the issue, I questioned that mother's dedication to her children.
Isn't that terrible? I was happy I was able to recognize and catch myself dutifully ironing my Super Mom cape while this exhausted new mom was brainstorming with me. I mean, here she was trusting me enough to get my insight and I was judging her. Bad Karns. The fact is, when you have a little bean depending on you, you really do your very best. At least every mother I know does, especially the aforementioned mom. Sometimes that very best means that you have to consider yourself and put a limitation on what you are willing to sacrifice. 
Mothers, especially working mothers, have to make tough choices everyday and most of those choices involve the mother giving up something for her child's happiness or comfort. If I can remember to think about it that way, I will be able to resist unfurling my cape and soaring above the other moms in the clear, blue sky. I'm sure I've made so many side eye-inducing moves so far. I just don't know about them because none of my close friends or family members blog. Let's try to keep it that way, k?
Oh, I'm withholding my judgment for now. But let another random toddler in a restaurant put her hand in my purse and pull out its contents and the judging and dagger-like side-eye will resume. Hardcore. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Living in the city with a baby hasn't posed as many challenges as I feared. I'm able to navigate the flights of stairs, the sometime narrow sidewalks and the often impossible traffic. But there's one thing that gets to me every now and then: I get homesick.

I know, I know. I'm too old to long to be back in my old neighborhood, surrounded by familiar things. But sometimes I just want to pull up to that elm-lined suburban street and melt into the well-worn couch, leaving work and the loud, carelessly running, unsupervised New York City urchins, er, children behind.

The feeling lasts for a few minutes, maybe a few hours, and then I snap back to reality and open the designated menu drawer in our kitchen (the most used thing in the place) and order sushi at midnight.

This is when I love New York.

Busy Busy

I haven't posted in a good while but I've been thinking about you all. We have friends in town so we've been running around. Everywhere. I'll be back tonight with an update!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ridin' High in My Super Stroller

Sup Peeps! Its been a while but I'm back. With shoes. About to drive my mom nuts with my endless amount of energy. Hope you don't mind the food on my mouth. Mom slacks with the wipes.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seafood Lover's Guide - Delve Into 12 Giveaway

When my doctor recommended (read: pleaded, begged, demanded) that I eat 12 ounces of fish per week, I looked at my husband with glee. For once, someone was actually encouraging my seafood addiction. And my "don't gain too much weight" nurse was actually telling me to fill up on a food. Imagine that. I had the misfortune of being pregnant in the "being pregnant is no excuse for eating like a walrus" era so getting this news was shellfish for my soul.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with seafood. I define many of life's milestones by the type of seafood I was in love with at the time. I first learned that my parents were staying together on the fishing trip and subsequent fish fry one summer. In law school, my hungover classmates appeared puzzled, and a little green, at the sight of me eating a fish filet sandwich at 9 am. Big D stared at me with wide eyes and slight disgust as I took DOWN a lobster pot with seven types of fish and shellfish. Did I mention that this dish was meant to be shared by a couple? Big D has since come to love the various fruits of the sea. We even announced the pregnancy with the help of our friends from the deep.

Ok, you don't have to be as crazy as I am when it comes to seafood, but if you are soon-to-be pregnant, pregnant or nursing, you should try to fit 12 ounces of fish in your diet each week. I'm sure you've heard of Omega 3s (aka DHA...you've seen it all over prenatal vitamins)- fish naturally contains it. My renowned, high risk OB (I totally wasn't high risk but intensely cautious READ: anxious first-timer) preached the benefits over and over again.

Here are the deets on Omega-3s:

  • Optimize brain and eye development
  • May reduce pre-term birth
  • May help and manage post-partum depression
  • Helps manage optimal weight gain
  • Protects heart health
Convinced yet? Join the fun!

To encourage y'all to eat more fish, I am giving one of my readers a Seafood Lover's Basket (worth $60):
  • A variety of fish and seafood samples (I've tried these...they are REALLY good. Like eat out of the pouch with a fork good)
  • Recipe cards for fish and seafood meals
  • A durable melamine mixing bowl to use while cooking/mixing
  • One stainless steel fish turner from Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Delicious fish seasoning from Penzey’s Spices
  • A bento lunch box container for on-the-go fish favorites
  • Seafood Lover’s Guide to Eating During Pregnancy
  • One copy of “My Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus: Raising Children Who Love to Eat Everything”

To enter, visit the Seafood Lover's Guide and tell me how you manage to fit twelve ounces of fish into your diet every week or give me your favorite fish recipe. This is required and must be done before the extra entries count!


You can do any of these things for an extra entry. Make sure to leave a separate comment for EACH thing you do.

1. For TWO extra entries, subscribe to my blog via e-mail (over there in the upper right hand corner).

2. For TWO extra entries, follow my blog via Google Friend.

3. For ONE extra entry: follow @HitSendLetGo AND @SeafoodLovers on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway. You can tweet once a day for an extra entry every day! You can copy and paste: "WIN a @SeafoodLovers gift basket @HitSendLetGo http://www.HitSendLetGo.com"

4. For ONE extra entry: Become a fan of HitSendLetGo on Facebook

Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on September 27th when I will draw a winner at random. Please leave your email address if it is not visible on your profile. I will notify the winner as soon as the contest ends. The winner will be given 48 hours to respond.

The package can only be shipped within the U.S.

Disclosure: This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own. Thank you to Seafood Lover's Guide who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bloggy Boot Camp 2010 - Philly

I loved loved loved Bloggy Boot Camp! The setting was much more intimate than BlogHer so I was able to get so much more out of it. I actually stayed for every session and immersed myself completely in the experience. My favorite sections were those covering PR and Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. I met too many new blogger friends to name so I'll just leave you with some pictures.

Did I mention that lunch was delish? Yes, I ate three servings of Tiramisu. I counted them toward the USDA daily recommended servings of dairy.

Pausing on a cute street in a historic part of town on the way to the crab house.

Oh, Big D, Little D and I topped the weekend off with ALL YOU CAN EAT blue crabs. Let's just say I was in heaven.
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