Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sick Baby D

My sweet little boy is sick today. And I'm sick with mommy guilt as a result. My hubby and I decided that we won't tell anyone (at least, anyone who stays at home with their child/ren). Why you ask? Because they'll give you that all-knowing smirk and pat on the head that says "you know that children in daycare get sick ALL the time". Thanks. Really. As if I didn't feel bad enough for shipping my little one off to germinal hospital.

Even the doc gave me that look when I brought him in. I mentioned that we started daycare 10 days ago and she said, "oh! I forgot you started bringing him in". In as though he's a bad 5 month old who is being sent to a pre-juvie juvenile detention camp for the summer. What's worse is that she has children of her own. She too was a working mom. I guess I would have the same reaction if my clients consisted of moms who need a 20-something nanny to accompany them the 4 long blocks to visit the pediatrician for a monthly check-up. Amazingly, the nannies are able to text their other nanny buddies, hold little Avery's travel bag AND push the stroller through the tight office corridors. All while a very svelte mom looks on. I love New York.


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