Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pain Relief Please!

Baby D started teething on Sunday. I knew something was different about the little fella because my once-a-night waker turned into a three-times-a-night waker. What does that mean for Mommy? Twenty to thirty minute naps behind my locked office door. Ah, takes me back to the party days of college and law school when I would arrive at my job/internship/classes hungover. But these naps now, somewhat like in those academic days my friends, are the result of partying with a MUCH younger cutie. To top it all off, I have a cold myself so I'm exhausted. Can't wait for the weekend to come. Ack!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dinner for Two?

I think its weird (read: rude) when one person in a household only cooks dinner for him/herself and sits down to enjoy it without asking the other person if they are hungry. Even if you are sure the other person may say, "no, I'm not hungry, but thank you". I've seen it happen in other households but I don't want it to happen in mine. Especially when I normally cook the meals in the home but was unable to at the time because I was busy caring for the baby. I think I just expect reciprocity.
There's nothing wrong with doing the "courtesy dance" in the off-chance that your significant other may accept your offer of a meal. Hey, a dinner of franks and beans can look awfully tasty even to the pickiest eater if one is exhausted enough. And yesterday, I was exhausted enough to accept that meal had I been asked.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Mom and Ms. Esiotrot

I want to be the type of mother that my mom is. I used to think that she wasn't as tender as all the other moms, that maybe she wasn't as "hands-on" in the TLC department. This is untrue. When I think back to how she helped me realize my little tomboy dreams without batting an eye, it makes me smile.
In sixth grade, she helped me build a water-wheel out of styrofoam cups (don't ask) that took first place in the science fair. In seventh grade, she helped me properly (ok, maybe a wee recklessly) handle epoxy to construct a plexiglass habitat for my egg-laying box turtle (Ms. Esiotrot) that ended up being 3/4 the size of my room. Without her, I would never have known the joys of epoxy (hell, most adults don't even know what it is). She sat by in the kitchen as I knelt by the open door and mixed the two toxic compounds together on a piece of cardboard. She even advised me on what bedding would be best for my tortoise shelter. We decided on red wood chips mixed with mulch. She was the one who made the phone call letting me know that Ms. Esiotrot's egg had been eaten by the stately matron herself or her new tank denizen (yes, she allowed me to have a second tortoise). My dad was even apart of the scheme, driving me to a far-sitting McDonald's parking lot to meet a shady man on a shady but humid summer day to make the furtive reptilian exchange. It may have been a bit more stealth than it needed to be. Sure, it was illegal to sell turtles in the state, but were we really afraid that Fish and Game officials would plan a sting and swoop down on us at any minute?
When I was 21, she went to Railroad Salvage and bought AND installed blue indoor/outdoor carpet in my basement lair. We had her best friend's husband anchor in a sturdy, lockable gunmetal gray basement door to replace the weatherbeaten wooden one. She even played along when I installed an intercom system to keep out adults and communicate with her in the kitchen from my mildew-infested domain...knowing I'd be back upstairs as soon as it got too damp (despite the dehumidifier she provided) and quiet down there.    
Of course, these are just some of the projects that my mother has taken on over the years, without complaint. She has more recently proven (with her weeks-long visits and enthusiastic weekend trips to our NYC apartment) that she continues to be the right hand to my left by helping me grow into the type of mother to my son that she was to me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


My Internet Explorer Bookmarks tell the story of my life. You can find every life moment labeled as a neat little entry on a list. Any inquiries I've ever made about fate's direction were also made in Google. Call me information addicted but I need to arm myself with all the facts (well, as correctly as Wikipedia can get them). My law school buddy used to jokingly tell me, "I refuse to go into a battle of wits with an unarmed man".
So, you'll see entries for law schools, career headhunters, bar review sites, wedding chat rooms and blogs on how to make one's own babyfood. And now I've got pages on how to start and maintain a blog. Keep this entry as a bookmark in your mind because, like all my life's previous pages, I'll be sure to revisit it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Was I a Bridezilla? Yes.

Ugh. I'm watching Bridezillas and just realized...okay, always knew, I was a Bridezilla. You see, I planned my own wedding and even DIY'ed so many of the details so I was out of control by the time we actually exchanged vows. Watching this show, I feel so ashamed that I yelled at my mom. I think it went something like this, "You don't understand my vision!", as she was so kindly helping me construct a one-of-a-kind confection with hanging candles and Manzanita branches. She even drove with me to the faraway home of another bride to pick them up (one of many trips...my not-yet-husband also took one of the rides - and got a speeding ticket due to my haste).

As a new mom, I feel terrible that I turned into a fire-breathing perfectionist and pushed my family (well, my poor mom, sister and husband) to the edge of wedding insanity. I wonder what Baby D (or his wife-to-be) will have in store for me. Well, for us.

Friday, June 4, 2010

5 Month Check-Up

We had a well child visit today. Of course I forgot the immunization chart that our doctor updates. Its not the first time. Motherhood has made me very forgetful. More forgetful than I was before. It doesn't help that my husband reminds me of all the things I forget. After I have forgotten them. And reminds me of all the things I remember to bring with me. You know, all my craft stuff I HAVE to have in the car with me. In case I need to bust out a quick "Happy Anniversary" card. Hey, it's happened.

Anyway, the baby is still in the 95th percentile. 20 lbs and 27.5 inches long. I'm afraid of what these numbers will look like after 2 more weeks of 2 bowls of baby food a day. Not to mention the gross diapers I'll have to change. More on this later...
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