Thursday, July 22, 2010

As Promised...How We Met

We met at a popular restaurant and lounge in March 2005. I was sitting by the hot tub on the roof (yeah, there were hot tubs)and enjoying the crisp weather with my roommate from law school. And here comes the Big Guy with that swagger that only he has and asked "do you drink?" followed by an accusatory "were you sitting here waiting for someone to buy you a drink?" (this guy is somethin' else). It just so happened that I was getting quite thirsty and we went downstairs and had some ice cold fantasticos and conversation. We both wore blazers that night, but as Big D would later find out, only one of us is the nerd in this relationship :)

We've been Big Buddy and Little Buddy ever since.

P.S. He was so laid back (read: not douchey like the other guys I previously met during law school), I refused to believe he was also in law school. I'm glad I made it out for my friends' birthdays that night. I found the gravy to my mashed potatoes.


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