Sunday, July 11, 2010


One of the most difficult things about living in a big city is the lack of close by family members. Let's be honest: most adults with families don't find urban living desirable. I know because I was one of them. I initially resisted remaining in the City after graduating from law school. I longed for a suburban life where I could cruise around in my foreign luxury car and pull into the driveway of my four bedroom, two bathroom colonial. Well, some things have changed. I married a man who adores the city and because I love him so dearly, I have also come to love the place where he wishes to dwell. When I became pregnant, the hike up and down three flights of stairs kept my gams in shape…and me exhausted. I seriously doubted that I could lug a baby in a car seat up and down these stairs without risking injury to myself or my precious cargo.

Six months later, we're all doing quite well in the city. We just returned from a photo shoot in nearby Central Park. We're able to order food at all times of the night and have the subway just steps away from our apartment. Oh, and the family situation has been good for us. My sister-in-law has been keeping the baby once a week (she lives in an apartment 3 miles away) and my mother is able to take the train and connecting subway from Connecticut to our place. She is able to be here within a half-hour's notice. My father-in-law is able to visit us very easily on the weekends due to our proximity to the major highways. It is amazing just how willing our family is to travel to see us. If you have a look at our boy, I suppose the motivation can be found in his smile.


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