Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've always wanted a nickname... a special pet name thoughtfully created out of some quirk, idiosyncrasy or special inside joke shared amongst close friends and family. I suppose I do have a few of my own but not a universal moniker that everyone knows and understands at once. For example, I call Baby D Baba Ganoush. Sometimes Papachino. Nonsensical words that just feel good to my mouth when I'm trying to avoid biting his little cheeks out of sheer joy.

As we were walking home from a successful flat screen seeking mission, a group of teenagers sparring on a building stoop stopped what they were doing and called out "BABYHAWK!" Now THIS is a universally-understood name. I've heard people call him this before in passing. Babyhawk it is.


  1. The nickname was baby mohawk, and it was based on his hair's natural affinity for that hairstyle. "Out the way, here comes baby mohawk" Street cred, and he's not even 8 months old, RESPECT

  2. Your blog is really funny.


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