Thursday, July 29, 2010

Panic! You Ol' Con Man

You got me again you Bastard. There I was enjoying a nice evening of crafting with Etsy at the South Street Seaport and here you come. Out of nowhere. Well, kinda. It was really all my fault. I shouldn't have taken that pistachio ice cream from my sister-in-law knowing good and hell well that nuts trigger a psychosomatic response for me. It was a free scoop being offered by Coach (yes, of handbag fame) of all people. I had the strawberry and accepted the rest of her scoop because I have Depression-era relationship with food. It kills me to see my family members toss it. AND I wanted to stay cool on a hot day. I blame my own sister too. Because she has a food sensitivity to tree nuts (odd, I know) and I am so close to her that I think we are just alike...right down to the allergies.

After scooping up my gift bag, I start to cough just a little. Just. Gotta. ClearMyThroat. We get to the corner near the street and my sister-in-law remarks at the formidable temperature and general ickiness of standing near the passing traffic. That's when I lose it. I feel my throat swell and suddenly my mouth right down to the bottom of my esophagus is numb. The sensation becomes overwhelming in a matter of two minutes and I'm off to the Duane Reade across the street to get Benadryl. Liquid Benadryl so it works faster. Mind you, I've been screened for food allergies with negative results. So this whole episode may simply have been due to my inhaling just a bit of exhaust. Or a whisper of pollen floating into my nostril and getting caught in my throat.

But we all know it was you Anxiety. You sneak up on me just to make sure I'm paying attention. Reminding me to slow down the pace. I am. Right now, I'm laughing at you. And myself a little because it was pretty funny hearing Big D recreate the scene as he saw it from the car. He's a good guy. Always helping me see the funny wrapped in the crazy. You can shove it now Panic. That'll be all.

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  1. Too funny. That has happened to me too from time to time.


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