Sunday, August 22, 2010

8 Reasons Why I Breastfeed

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, I did a filmed interview for on being a part of the "Boob-olution". I'm not quite sure WHY there has to be a Boob-olution, I mean, I think new mothers shouldn't give this selfless act a second thought. I consider it to be a sort of 'fourth trimester'.

I never thought I'd be a so-called 'lactivist' but I've become one after continuing to hear about the benefits of breast milk and lactation. If you're a new mom and you tell me you didn't even give it a shot, I'm totally judging you. Is that bad? OMG. I've become my mother.

1. Baby D will be a little bit brighter. The average increase in intelligence of breastfed babies over formula fed babies is about 7 points. With all that social media out there, every little bit helps :)

2. It's free! and I'm cheap. Once you get back to work, all you need is a pump (average investment: $200) and you're all set. Less than 2% of women are physically unable to breastfeed so see a lactation consultant if you're having trouble (I did!). It'll save you over $2,000 the first year. You can use that for a nice Caribbean vacation. And have the body for a bikini.

3. I was back in my size 4s within 3 weeks! I'm glad I did because Big D wasn't ready for that jelly. Neither was I. During pregnancy, your body stores fat especially meant to be used for breastfeeding. If you don't breastfeed, that stubborn fat stays there until you work it off the hard way. Just making breastmilk burns about 500 calories a day!

4. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends it. I like baby D a lot, so I figure I should do what the doctor orders. You know, since I'm not a doctor.

5. Breastfeeding decreases your cancer risk. It can lower the incidence of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, etc.

6. Infants who are exposed to formula - particularly early on - have a greater likelihood to develop obesity and Type I diabetes. Infants who were exclusively breastfed for at least 5 months with no formula had lower rates of Type I diabetes. Breastfeeding your baby also lowers your baby's risk of childhood (allergies, respiratory illness, ear infections, etc). Especially good if you have to send the little pooper to daycare a.k.a the petri dish swathed in primary colors.

7. Thousands of years of human evolution have created the perfect food for babies. Ladies, use your breasts - that's what they're there for! Ok, that and maybe propped up in a nice wrap shirt for a few drinks in a tony lounge if the ol' funds are running low. But seriously, what other product do you know actually touts its competitor's product on its own packaging? Well, that's what formula cans have. They all have "breastfeeding is best" printed right there on the can/bottle.

8. We get warm, cuddly bonding time together. And a unique chance to one-up Big D in at least one area. Hey, its not a sky-high toss in the air or a shoulder ride through the neighborhood, but its something!


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