Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby D in the Office

A day after the faint that almost was, here is Baby D spending the morning with mama in the office. He took care of my filing and contract review. This kid's an asset to the company.

2010-08-26 08.18.25

After a long morning of furious Dictaphoning at 65 WPM...

2010-08-26 09.37.24

This guy is good.


  1. Cute kid Karns. Glad he got to see mommy work. I read about your fainting session. I love that you bribe the hell out of the daycare staff with food but I have to say I'm major league in favor of your becoming a teacher for summers off. Who wouldn't want that?

  2. Thanks TW! When will you visit him in person? The teacher's pay is not enough enticement...but the overall time off is. I'm going to remain in the legal profession, it calls me at night sometimes :)


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