Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BlogHer '10 Swag

Bag of coffee? Check. Plush toy modeled after a breakfast food? Check. Coupons galore? Check. I know about the controversy surrounding the swag at BlogHer, but I have to admit...I loved it! The products, not the controversy. Where else can you see an OC Housewife, Bruce Jenner, Ronald McDonald AND the Pillsbury Dough Boy all in one room?

I tried many samples of as yet unreleased items and many of the company reps made me a product believer! BlogHer vendors, some of you were genius in your pitch!

I don't even have everything pictured (namely, the hair flat irons, t-shirts, baby gear, etc.) I better find a home for it all or Big D will sign me up for Hoarders.


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