Sunday, August 8, 2010

BlogHer Recap

As you all know, I attended a couple of pre-BlogHer parties on Thursday and had a blast. I promise to post pictures tomorrow! I met a couple of really fun women and it left me with a high expectation of what was to come at BlogHer '10. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Though the sessions were crowded, I found that most of my blog-learnin' came from meeting other bloggers at breakfast, lunch and the parties. Discussing our blogs made me 1. super-excited to continue developing and adding stronger content to my blog and 2. feel like I just may be a part of this community. Yes, most of... well, all of this blog is about my life and my family, and even though I'm not a writer per se, I do have a story to tell. And some say its a pretty interesting one. So, I may as well ride this blogwave til the wheels fall off.

I spent most of my time at BlogHer laughing with my sister and brand new blogging friends. And laughing at myself. You know you're in trouble when the young men and women at the party check-in tables know your first AND last name. They saw me coming and got the extra drink tickets ready. Then there's the time I shouted, "Hey! There's Padma Lakshimi" and no one believed me (she was really there). And my sister egging on the Hillshire Farms hype man to make it rain smoked turkey coupons. And the amount of cheeseburgers I consumed at CheeseburgHer. All wrong. But at the time, oh so right. I rolled solo to Sparklecorn and CheeseburgHer, even taking the subway myself. Without hyperventilating. I found that doing both - traveling alone and not choking in an anxious fit - were really conducive to meeting new people.

While sorting through our multiple monster swag bags (*raises hand and confesses*) in our hard-won huge, fab hotel room (no thanks to YOU Mr. The Answer is No reception desk man), my sister told me that I'm lucky because I've found a way to harness everyone else's good karma and turn it into something great. Here's the thing: all of what I have today is really just a mixture of a smart, amazing family, a smidgen of funny, a touch of my mom's good sense, good dental hygiene and a dash of luck. What's funny is that she has all those things too.

Tomorrow, BlogHer picture goodness...


  1. Sounds likeyou had a great time. I had a ball.

  2. Can't wait for pics. Does your sis have a blog too? Please post a link. Love the new about me section btw.


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