Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Martha Stewart Blogger's Night Out Party Recap

I was really nervous when I entered the Martha Stewart Omnimedia building. I mean, this is the QUEEN of cottage industry. I was hopelessly trying to be a cool New Yorker and show these out-of-town bloggers how we do it but I was so excited. While waiting to enter the elevator (it was 6 pm so the employees were rushing to go home while the bloggers were arriving), I met a nice girl in line. She nervously introduced herself (an interior design blogger originally from South Africa) and we became line buddies with the implicit understanding that we'd probably separate once we got a hold of the champagne (i.e. liquid courage).

After giving our name/blog/e-mail address to the interns at the desk and warned not to take any photos of the hallways (where photos and swatches for the upcoming issues were pinned), we entered a very white canvas of a loft space speckled with colorful foods, drinks and craft papers. It was just as I had pictured it. Well, almost. I didn't expect Martha to be playing ping-pong before a group of awestruck, champagne-sipping bloggers. The whole scene was like a Martha Stewart Weddings layout. Young men whisked by with trays of fruity drinks and champagne. Young women stood behind craft tables demonstrating craft punches and pens on colorful 80 pound paper. You know, the good stuff.

I rode a bicycle that powered a blender filled with spiked blackberry limeade. And had faux eyelashes applied. I even ran into Bee from Weddingbee on my way out. Even better, I met Mrs. Cooper. Within five minutes of meeting, she licked her finger to wipe something off my face and I knew we'd be fast pals. She has a hilarious blog and I look forward to learning a couple of things from her. What a great way to kick off my BlogHer experience. In the words of Martha Stewart, "Its a good thing".

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  1. OMG!!! I am sitting here ROFLMAO!!!!! I totally forgot I did that. I just had my husband read this and he even said "You did that to a total stranger". It's the Mommy in me. I am soooo sorry. But I'm so glad you were understanding in that moment. Girl, seriously, you aren't that far from me. We need to hook up. Follow me on FB too so we can connect and get our families together. I had a blast with you and thank you again for the shout out.


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