Friday, August 13, 2010

Rihanna Concert Recap

WHO turned Mother loose on the town last night?!

Thanks to my supportive husband and good-natured baby, I was able to get out on the town early enough to join my friend at her apartment for a light beer and chicken wing meal before the show. Do you know how nice it is to be able to eat chicken wings with delicious ease? We went to a fast food Korean chicken restaurant where the wings were outrageously good. Maybe it was just because I was able to eat them without holding a grabby squirmy worm in my lap. Nevermind dinner dates with your partner...most mothers just need a nice dinner date with an otherwise difficult to eat plate of food. Like blue crab (my favorite) or anything requiring chopsticks.

We arrived at MSG with our bellies appropriately full of MSG and joined our other friends in time to see Ke$ha onstage. Her set got the tween through cougar audience out of their seats. After making a mad dash for the half a mile long margarita bar lines during intermission (I stuck to imported beer - no line for malt liquor, who knew?), everyone arrived back in their seats in time for Rihanna to take the stage. She has such a strong voice. And such a sadomasochistic taste in clothing. I wondered aloud to my friend how it would feel to be a singer, onstage in front of thousands, with each and every attendee singing along to your songs. Must be amazing. And creepy. At one of my friend's urging, all of us stayed until the very end. Long enough to witness a burst of silvery pink confetti in the shape of an umbrella fall from the ceiling.

Sure, I wanted to stay out LATE and party in the Meatpacking District, drink in hand, dancing wildy on banquettes until last call at 4 am, figuring that I really don't get to stay out late very much. But I truthfully started to miss my little bobblehead at home and felt warm inside (it wasn't the malt liquor, I swear!) when I saw how well Big D had taken care of him. He was clean, freshly diapered and fast asleep. I was home before 12:45 am and today my head and metatarsals are thanking me for it.


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