Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've Got a Sleeper!

We've finally arrived. Baby D slept through the night in the full meaning of sleeping through the night. I didn't have to wake up and pat him to reassure him that we were still around. Hovering as usual. It's funny that he chose last night to take this independent-sleeping thing by the horns. You see, yesterday, Mama did something pretty independent herself. Tired of having nightmares that my baby's Michelin Man legs would get trapped between the slats of his Cherrywood mini –crib, I stopped into a department store on the way home from work. I had only planned to have a look, assess the crib and mattress situation, and leave. But if you know me, you know that's not at all possible.

When I get something in my head, I go after it with steely-eyed determination. Like that 6 inch thick newly translated from Italian cookbook that I HAD to have so I had it shipped overnight.  And never used it. Or the roller sneakers that I thought would revolutionize how I would process my caseload at work. I wore those in the mall with Big D holding my arms in a scene straight from Bambi on Ice and never used them again. But I digress.

The unadvertised sale coupled with the overflowing clearance section and helpful salesman with secret coupons made this a deal that was too good to pass up. That and Baby D's heartwarming giggles as he played peek-a-boo in the floor model. Who cares that I was nearly 30 miles from home with a car that is definitely nowhere near the size of a truck (or even SUV)? I had the distractedly texting teen salesman from the store hoist a full-sized crib and mattress on the roof. I even did the honors of tying those suckers to the roof. He was so impressed; he asked me if I had been a Boy Scout. Ah, the refreshing astuteness of the next generation. I thought Big D would be upset that I did a job that he prides himself in, being the strapping hunter-gatherer that he is. But he too admired my knot handiwork after a hearty tug on the ties. He probably secretly wondered about my pre-Big D whereabouts during Fleet Week. These were some strong knots my friends. The crib assembly party is tonight. Stay tuned.

P.S. WHY are crib bedding sets so expensive? The bedding I chose cost more than the crib itself! Are the bumpers and comforters made of the abandoned locks of flaxen-haired angels?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Seafood Lover's Guide Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner! It is....... Erica D!

Thank you all for sharing your delicious recipes with  me (and each other). Reading the comments made me hungry (especially for salmon and tuna melts!) Please continue to eat fish (except the no-nos*) as a healthy part of your pregnancy diet!

Erica D, I will contacting you shortly.
*Shark, Tilefish, Swordfish

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mom Wars

Yesterday I did it. I caught myself judging another mom. And I was judging HARD. Every mother does it. If you meet one who tells you she doesn't, she's not being truthful. I don't use the word "liar" because my mother forbade it when I was a child. Funny that I would grow up to become a lawyer. I kid. Anyway, I was trying to be supportive. But because it was not the exact approach that I would have taken in resolving the issue, I questioned that mother's dedication to her children.
Isn't that terrible? I was happy I was able to recognize and catch myself dutifully ironing my Super Mom cape while this exhausted new mom was brainstorming with me. I mean, here she was trusting me enough to get my insight and I was judging her. Bad Karns. The fact is, when you have a little bean depending on you, you really do your very best. At least every mother I know does, especially the aforementioned mom. Sometimes that very best means that you have to consider yourself and put a limitation on what you are willing to sacrifice. 
Mothers, especially working mothers, have to make tough choices everyday and most of those choices involve the mother giving up something for her child's happiness or comfort. If I can remember to think about it that way, I will be able to resist unfurling my cape and soaring above the other moms in the clear, blue sky. I'm sure I've made so many side eye-inducing moves so far. I just don't know about them because none of my close friends or family members blog. Let's try to keep it that way, k?
Oh, I'm withholding my judgment for now. But let another random toddler in a restaurant put her hand in my purse and pull out its contents and the judging and dagger-like side-eye will resume. Hardcore. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Living in the city with a baby hasn't posed as many challenges as I feared. I'm able to navigate the flights of stairs, the sometime narrow sidewalks and the often impossible traffic. But there's one thing that gets to me every now and then: I get homesick.

I know, I know. I'm too old to long to be back in my old neighborhood, surrounded by familiar things. But sometimes I just want to pull up to that elm-lined suburban street and melt into the well-worn couch, leaving work and the loud, carelessly running, unsupervised New York City urchins, er, children behind.

The feeling lasts for a few minutes, maybe a few hours, and then I snap back to reality and open the designated menu drawer in our kitchen (the most used thing in the place) and order sushi at midnight.

This is when I love New York.

Busy Busy

I haven't posted in a good while but I've been thinking about you all. We have friends in town so we've been running around. Everywhere. I'll be back tonight with an update!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ridin' High in My Super Stroller

Sup Peeps! Its been a while but I'm back. With shoes. About to drive my mom nuts with my endless amount of energy. Hope you don't mind the food on my mouth. Mom slacks with the wipes.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seafood Lover's Guide - Delve Into 12 Giveaway

When my doctor recommended (read: pleaded, begged, demanded) that I eat 12 ounces of fish per week, I looked at my husband with glee. For once, someone was actually encouraging my seafood addiction. And my "don't gain too much weight" nurse was actually telling me to fill up on a food. Imagine that. I had the misfortune of being pregnant in the "being pregnant is no excuse for eating like a walrus" era so getting this news was shellfish for my soul.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with seafood. I define many of life's milestones by the type of seafood I was in love with at the time. I first learned that my parents were staying together on the fishing trip and subsequent fish fry one summer. In law school, my hungover classmates appeared puzzled, and a little green, at the sight of me eating a fish filet sandwich at 9 am. Big D stared at me with wide eyes and slight disgust as I took DOWN a lobster pot with seven types of fish and shellfish. Did I mention that this dish was meant to be shared by a couple? Big D has since come to love the various fruits of the sea. We even announced the pregnancy with the help of our friends from the deep.

Ok, you don't have to be as crazy as I am when it comes to seafood, but if you are soon-to-be pregnant, pregnant or nursing, you should try to fit 12 ounces of fish in your diet each week. I'm sure you've heard of Omega 3s (aka've seen it all over prenatal vitamins)- fish naturally contains it. My renowned, high risk OB (I totally wasn't high risk but intensely cautious READ: anxious first-timer) preached the benefits over and over again.

Here are the deets on Omega-3s:

  • Optimize brain and eye development
  • May reduce pre-term birth
  • May help and manage post-partum depression
  • Helps manage optimal weight gain
  • Protects heart health
Convinced yet? Join the fun!

To encourage y'all to eat more fish, I am giving one of my readers a Seafood Lover's Basket (worth $60):
  • A variety of fish and seafood samples (I've tried these...they are REALLY good. Like eat out of the pouch with a fork good)
  • Recipe cards for fish and seafood meals
  • A durable melamine mixing bowl to use while cooking/mixing
  • One stainless steel fish turner from Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Delicious fish seasoning from Penzey’s Spices
  • A bento lunch box container for on-the-go fish favorites
  • Seafood Lover’s Guide to Eating During Pregnancy
  • One copy of “My Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus: Raising Children Who Love to Eat Everything”

To enter, visit the Seafood Lover's Guide and tell me how you manage to fit twelve ounces of fish into your diet every week or give me your favorite fish recipe. This is required and must be done before the extra entries count!


You can do any of these things for an extra entry. Make sure to leave a separate comment for EACH thing you do.

1. For TWO extra entries, subscribe to my blog via e-mail (over there in the upper right hand corner).

2. For TWO extra entries, follow my blog via Google Friend.

3. For ONE extra entry: follow @HitSendLetGo AND @SeafoodLovers on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway. You can tweet once a day for an extra entry every day! You can copy and paste: "WIN a @SeafoodLovers gift basket @HitSendLetGo"

4. For ONE extra entry: Become a fan of HitSendLetGo on Facebook

Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on September 27th when I will draw a winner at random. Please leave your email address if it is not visible on your profile. I will notify the winner as soon as the contest ends. The winner will be given 48 hours to respond.

The package can only be shipped within the U.S.

Disclosure: This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own. Thank you to Seafood Lover's Guide who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bloggy Boot Camp 2010 - Philly

I loved loved loved Bloggy Boot Camp! The setting was much more intimate than BlogHer so I was able to get so much more out of it. I actually stayed for every session and immersed myself completely in the experience. My favorite sections were those covering PR and Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. I met too many new blogger friends to name so I'll just leave you with some pictures.

Did I mention that lunch was delish? Yes, I ate three servings of Tiramisu. I counted them toward the USDA daily recommended servings of dairy.

Pausing on a cute street in a historic part of town on the way to the crab house.

Oh, Big D, Little D and I topped the weekend off with ALL YOU CAN EAT blue crabs. Let's just say I was in heaven.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pick Me Up Picture

I really like the idea of Wordless Wednesday...especially since I'm feeling under the weather today. Before this Nyquil kicks in, I'll leave you with a picture that will probably make you smile.

One more thing... I'm TERRIFIED now that Baby D has begun to stretch his bended knees and legs from a sitting position into a stand like a mini director's chair. He uses his outstretched arms for support on the floor and his bottom just pops right up! Does this mean he'll be walking, er running, soon?

Pass back the Nyquil.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boys in Blue to the Rescue

I never thought I'd be thanking the New York Giants for kidnapping Big D on Sundays and Mondays. In fact, I used to curse them for taking him away from the apartment when all I wanted to do was cuddle up on the couch and watch reruns of Bridezillas with the Big Guy. If you couldn't tell by the omnipresent sports logo attire in every photo of my husband, he's a bonafide sports fan.

But, you've really done it this time guys. Upon returning from Bloggy Boot Camp today, Big D tenderly dressed up his Mini Me in an officially-licensed Giants tracksuit and jersey and took him out for a day with the fellas. He checked and re-checked the bottle bag and put some socks on the little dude to stave off the chill and rain that were responsible for postponing the final U.S. Open match yesterday. Hearing the swish-swish of Baby D wiggling in his tracksuit as Big D carted him down the flights of stairs made me smile and miss them both immediately. But I was secretly relieved to hear the swish-swish and size 12 sneaker steps as they grew more faint and further away.

While they were out, I slept for seven hours. Yes, SEVEN HOURS. I couldn't believe it. Uninterrupted sleep. I've been waiting over a year and a half for this.

The Giants t-shirt with 'DAD' emblazoned across the back stated the obvious: Big D is an uppercase DAD in every sense of the word and format.

So, again, I thank you Giants. I look forward to the next game. Maybe this time I'll actually clean up the house and make Big D proud. Well, maybe after a nap.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun Hangover

We just returned from an AWESOME Bloggy Boot Camp in Philly. We'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming in a few hours.

Mother needs a nap.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Writing with Reverence

Dear Readers,
I have been away so long because I've been thinking about how to best chronicle my patrilineal heritage. My grandmother and father's journey was one fraught with drama and some scandal. I would like to remain authentic in the telling of the story without hurting the feelings of any of the survivors (read: my father and his adopted family). Their experience coming to and living in America is an extremely interesting one that begs to be told. My hope is that my family will appreciate the time I have put into the research of our background and accept both the ugly and beautiful truths that, until recently, lay beneath the surface.
Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Time is Flying!

Just yesterday my little munchkin was a chubby baby. Now, he's a chubby, tall baby. The photo was taken of him in the spring at the BABIES movie premiere sponsored by the Bump. The mocktinis made with fresh ginger were really good. Every attendee was also given a gift bag with an Aden+Anais blanket that we still use. Its incredibly soft and snuggly. I only wish they made one large enough for me to burrito myself in.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Warrior

Heh. Not really. Since we've moved into the new apartment, I've been very slow about personalizing the space. I've always wanted to create a more "homey" feel in the place, especially now that we have a new pair of big, doe eyes that like to look at new things. We also have a ton of framed photos that have been stored in Big D's closet for quite some time now.

Feeling crafty, I decided to hang a few of them this weekend. I used 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips and it literally took 3 minutes to put those bad boys on the wall. These things are awesome! They didn't involve a hammer and nail (and thus no holes in the plaster) or picture-hanging partner. I just prepped the surface with some rubbing alcohol and stuck them up. Oh, I found that using a level helped to ensure proper positioning. They even worked on my heavy wooden frames. I was able to quickly reposition the one that I hung before I got the bright idea to use the level.

If I can get the word out to my fellow city-dwellers in time, I just may save someone a costly deposit at the end of their lease.

Big D was impressed with my handyman-age on this little project. So much so that I've been asked to reorganize my closet. Slow down cowboy. I've got more pictures to hang.




I know. The frames don't match. And the spatial-relationship is weird. I said I was good at hanging the things. Not interior design. Looks like I'll be calling in my sister or sister-in-law for some help with that.

DISCLOSURE – I received a few samples of 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips in exchange for this review. My reviews and recommendations are always honest and true.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

U.S. Open Event with Venus Williams

Details later. Let's just say keeping him quiet involved lots of bottles and cereal bits.

Sorry for the cell phone photos...I totally forgot to charge my camera batteries.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sick Baby = Sleep-Deprived, Singing Mommy

Somehow, I passed my cold from last week onto Baby D. It could've been, I dunno, the irresistibly kissable cheeks that were to blame. I know I should not have been so close to him but what's a mom to do? Not squeeze the marshmallow?

The one good thing that has come out of this whole story is that Big D gave me a (qualified) compliment me on my lullaby sing-age. To quote him exactly, "You sing really well. In German". All this time, I've been making up the words to Brahm's Lullaby. Singing a ridiculous narrative in German about late nights in beer gardens. What? You didn't know I spoke German? think its inappropriate to sing about beer gardens to a human who hasn't yet reached the age of majority. Desperate times...

Anyway, I finally consulted Dr. Google and now I know the proper lyrics. The song is far more beautiful in German than it is in English. Best of all, it works like a charm on Baby D.

Great. Now I have one more "you're better at this than I am - work your magic babe" thing that will come between me and late-night online shopping excursions.


Here at the lyrics, you be the judge:

Brahms's original version, composed in German:

Guten Abend, gute Nacht, mit Rosen bedacht,
Mit Näglein besteckt, schlüpf unter die Deck!'
Morgen früh, wenn Gott will, wirst du wieder geweckt
Morgen früh, wenn Gott will, wirst du wieder geweckt

Guten Abend, gute Nacht, von Englein bewacht
Die zeigen im Traum, dir Christkindleins Baum
Schlaf nun selig und süß, schau im Traum's Paradies
Schlaf nun selig und süß, schau im Traum's Paradies

A close English translation:

Good evening, and good night, with roses adorned,
With carnations covered, slip under the covers.
Early tomorrow, so God willing, you will wake once again.
Early tomorrow, so God willing, you will wake once again.

Good evening, and good night. By angels watched,
Who show you in your dream the Christ-child's tree.
Sleep now peacefully and sweetly, see the paradise in your dream.
Sleep now peacefully and sweetly, see the paradise in your dream.

- from that bastion of credible sources, Wikipedia ('s_Lullaby)
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