Saturday, September 25, 2010


Living in the city with a baby hasn't posed as many challenges as I feared. I'm able to navigate the flights of stairs, the sometime narrow sidewalks and the often impossible traffic. But there's one thing that gets to me every now and then: I get homesick.

I know, I know. I'm too old to long to be back in my old neighborhood, surrounded by familiar things. But sometimes I just want to pull up to that elm-lined suburban street and melt into the well-worn couch, leaving work and the loud, carelessly running, unsupervised New York City urchins, er, children behind.

The feeling lasts for a few minutes, maybe a few hours, and then I snap back to reality and open the designated menu drawer in our kitchen (the most used thing in the place) and order sushi at midnight.

This is when I love New York.

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  1. :-) I hear you. I grew up in the suburbs, so I thought I wouldn't like living in the city (albeit a much smaller city than yours; Oakland). I really like it. I like having six coffeeshops within walking distance. I like having neighbors who are out and about, rather than who drive into their garages and never meet each other. And I like good public transportation, something I never had in the 'burbs.


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