Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mom Wars

Yesterday I did it. I caught myself judging another mom. And I was judging HARD. Every mother does it. If you meet one who tells you she doesn't, she's not being truthful. I don't use the word "liar" because my mother forbade it when I was a child. Funny that I would grow up to become a lawyer. I kid. Anyway, I was trying to be supportive. But because it was not the exact approach that I would have taken in resolving the issue, I questioned that mother's dedication to her children.
Isn't that terrible? I was happy I was able to recognize and catch myself dutifully ironing my Super Mom cape while this exhausted new mom was brainstorming with me. I mean, here she was trusting me enough to get my insight and I was judging her. Bad Karns. The fact is, when you have a little bean depending on you, you really do your very best. At least every mother I know does, especially the aforementioned mom. Sometimes that very best means that you have to consider yourself and put a limitation on what you are willing to sacrifice. 
Mothers, especially working mothers, have to make tough choices everyday and most of those choices involve the mother giving up something for her child's happiness or comfort. If I can remember to think about it that way, I will be able to resist unfurling my cape and soaring above the other moms in the clear, blue sky. I'm sure I've made so many side eye-inducing moves so far. I just don't know about them because none of my close friends or family members blog. Let's try to keep it that way, k?
Oh, I'm withholding my judgment for now. But let another random toddler in a restaurant put her hand in my purse and pull out its contents and the judging and dagger-like side-eye will resume. Hardcore. 

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  1. it is hard not to judge. very admirable of you to try to stay mindful! I catch myself and I don't even have a kid!


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