Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've Got a Sleeper!

We've finally arrived. Baby D slept through the night in the full meaning of sleeping through the night. I didn't have to wake up and pat him to reassure him that we were still around. Hovering as usual. It's funny that he chose last night to take this independent-sleeping thing by the horns. You see, yesterday, Mama did something pretty independent herself. Tired of having nightmares that my baby's Michelin Man legs would get trapped between the slats of his Cherrywood mini –crib, I stopped into a department store on the way home from work. I had only planned to have a look, assess the crib and mattress situation, and leave. But if you know me, you know that's not at all possible.

When I get something in my head, I go after it with steely-eyed determination. Like that 6 inch thick newly translated from Italian cookbook that I HAD to have so I had it shipped overnight.  And never used it. Or the roller sneakers that I thought would revolutionize how I would process my caseload at work. I wore those in the mall with Big D holding my arms in a scene straight from Bambi on Ice and never used them again. But I digress.

The unadvertised sale coupled with the overflowing clearance section and helpful salesman with secret coupons made this a deal that was too good to pass up. That and Baby D's heartwarming giggles as he played peek-a-boo in the floor model. Who cares that I was nearly 30 miles from home with a car that is definitely nowhere near the size of a truck (or even SUV)? I had the distractedly texting teen salesman from the store hoist a full-sized crib and mattress on the roof. I even did the honors of tying those suckers to the roof. He was so impressed; he asked me if I had been a Boy Scout. Ah, the refreshing astuteness of the next generation. I thought Big D would be upset that I did a job that he prides himself in, being the strapping hunter-gatherer that he is. But he too admired my knot handiwork after a hearty tug on the ties. He probably secretly wondered about my pre-Big D whereabouts during Fleet Week. These were some strong knots my friends. The crib assembly party is tonight. Stay tuned.

P.S. WHY are crib bedding sets so expensive? The bedding I chose cost more than the crib itself! Are the bumpers and comforters made of the abandoned locks of flaxen-haired angels?


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