Friday, September 10, 2010

Writing with Reverence

Dear Readers,
I have been away so long because I've been thinking about how to best chronicle my patrilineal heritage. My grandmother and father's journey was one fraught with drama and some scandal. I would like to remain authentic in the telling of the story without hurting the feelings of any of the survivors (read: my father and his adopted family). Their experience coming to and living in America is an extremely interesting one that begs to be told. My hope is that my family will appreciate the time I have put into the research of our background and accept both the ugly and beautiful truths that, until recently, lay beneath the surface.
Any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. Oooo, bringing up some family joy and surely some family scandal too. LOVE IT!! Okay seriously, I would say if you're gonna do it, do it 100%. Don't tread lightly. If a story needs to be told....tell it. Too many family secrets have destroyed families and some of the secrets really aren't that bad they are just taboo from our ancestors. Tell the story girl. Can't wait to read it.


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