Sunday, October 24, 2010

Martha Throws a Slumber Party. And Invites Me.

Darcy Miller, editorial director at Martha Stewart Weddings, threw a parent-friendly (you know, where you get to send the little devils home after the cake has been served) pajama party for her daughter Ella and shared her tips with the Martha Stewart Show audience. I was invited (!) and provided front-row seats next to two fellow bloggers. It was nice to be in familiar company. And have someone to change clothes with outside on the street to avoid walking through the city in pajamas!

From left: Bobbi Brown, Martha Stewart, Dylan Lauren, Darcy Miller
 (Credit: David Steele/ The Martha Stewart Show)

Bobbi Brown gave make-up tips for teen girls (though these were all totally appropriate for the minimal amount of make-up I generally wear), Dylan Lauren of Dylan's Candy Bar made candy wrapper houses that would make ginger bread houses jealous and Darcy (yeah, we're on the first name basis. In my head.) decorated journals, flashlights and pillowcases. Glitter and shiny things EVERYWHERE. I loved it!

Best of all, everyone got a gift bag filled with all the goodies from the show! I love you Martha. I often wonder what its like to have your name become a noun. I.e. She's the Martha Stewart of baby nursery decorating. The woman's name is synonymous with creativity. Now if only I could become the Martha Stewart of organizing. Heck, I'll even take the title of being the Martha Stewart of getting dressed for work.

All this Martha Stewart-ing has me thinking about Baby D's first birthday party. Since its so close to Christmas, I would like for the decorations to be less Christmas and more pirate. But my mom is anti-pirate because she's not thinking old school Arrrgh swashbucklin' pirate but modern East African board your international-flagged tanker and demand a ransom from the World Bank pirate. She's so crazy.

                                                                         Me thinking.

For the actual crafts featured:


  1. Please tell me you wore a onsie!

  2. I didn't. But ONLY because I couldn't find it!


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