Saturday, October 2, 2010

Putting it All Together - Crib Notes

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday so I decided to try my hand at solo crib assembly after we returned. His mini-crib was becoming crowded by his ever-expanding Babyness so we moved on to bigger digs.

Freshly poked and prodded by the good doctor, Baby D seemed undeterred as he got down to business by picking up every piece of packing material and either ripping it up or throwing it. Or ripping it up AND throwing it.

Then came the Baby D light bulb moment: precariously balancing by his belly on the crib support beam. Where was mom while he was kicking his legs trying to figure out how to get out of this mess?

Taking a picture of the whole thing.

Baby D in his new big boy jail with the Cadillac of crib bedding. Albeit wrinkled crib bedding. I wanted to iron it, I swear. But I was too tired from alternately using my outstretched legs and arms to stabilize one side of the crib while I screwed in another. Why didn't I think to simply lay it on its side? Rookie mistake.

What's the deal with the carrot crumbs? Does this kid ALWAYS have food on his face when I take a picture?


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