Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby D Likes to Party. All Day.

Dear Friends with Children:

Why haven't any of you warned me that its entirely possible for a baby to stay up for 10 hours straight? With no naps. Zero. Well, if you don't count the new "laying my head on the ground to psych you out" thing he does. It looks like a temper tantrum but he just lays there for a second and back up he goes. Grabbing everything in sight and making (admittedly very cute but constant) noises all the while. If you try to sit him in your lap, bring on the flat-backin' and jelly-leggin'. Yes, my friends, we have a toddler. A smiling, pointing, laughing-then-inexplicably-whining, curious little toddler.

Add the stress of STILL negotiating the contract on a house and researching the best mortgage rates and we have a party. A sleep-deprived, return-to-wearing-my-anti-teeth-grinding-retainer party.

Aren't I supposed to be on here hitting send and letting go? Instead I'm wearing this retainer and watching enough ID Television true murder mysteries to scare a coroner. Where is my crossword puzzle book? Vacation cannot come soon enough!


"Who Says You Need Twelve Hours to Function?" Karns


  1. Believe me as Baby D gets old..Everything gets better..You will see....Hugs

  2. Too funny! I hope that you get needed rest soon. At least the description of your exhaustion is entertaining!!


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