Friday, November 26, 2010

Diaper Genie II Elite Review

Is it weird that today, the day after that hallowed family holiday, Thanksgiving, I thought about how awesome my Diaper Genie II Elite is? Well, I did. Yesterday was Baby D's very first Thanksgiving. And thus his first time eating Thanksgiving fare. The turkey, the candied yams, the southern-style baked macaroni and cheese, the ham, the collard greens. Need I go on? Ok, the Tiramisu was pretty delicious too.

Anyway, this delightful smorgasbord must've been a bit too much for the kid because he's been a poop-machine all day. ALL DAY. Poor guy.

So, I've been counting my blessings today that we have a Diaper Genie in the apartment because, even with all those dirty diapers in there, you don't smell anything. Nothing. The same couldn't be said for the last diaper container we had. I actually registered for it because I didn't want to have to buy refills for the Diaper Genie.  Yes, I was a being a cheapo and boy did I pay for it. After a couple days' worth of diapers, the other diaper container stunk up the apartment to high heaven. Something our noses couldn't afford in such a limited space.

The difference between the Diaper Genie and my other can was that the Diaper Genie bags actually line the whole inside of the can. So the diapers never touch any part of the container. You just open the top using the foot pedal and toss it in. The other can we had, the Diaper Champ, actually required that we squish the diapers with the weighted top until the rotator thing pushed it down into the not-so-airtight diaper chamber.

We use less than one bag refill a month for the Diaper Genie so its really not as bad as I expected. That's about $6 (less with store rewards coupons) every 6-8 weeks. And a lot less headaches because we don't have to change the bag as often because it doesn't smell. We just wait until it's full.

Big D really likes the Diaper Genie too. He's very tidy and disliked the other diaper container because of the odors that it allowed to escape and the frequency with which we had to change it. So, the Diaper Genie also gets his vote, which is key because he's the only one in the house willing to do the heavy lifting around here!

Disclosure: I received the Diaper Genie II Elite for this review and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own. Thank you to PlaytexBaby who supplied the product for the review.


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