Monday, November 15, 2010

Terrible Twos... At One?

So, I've been EXHAUSTED because Baby D has been squirming, squiggling and sliding out of our hands for the past week. The guy just. doesn't. stop. moving. It's magical and exciting to see him developing these new skills and chasing freedom from our grasps, but boy is it tiring. He's quite the little vocalizer, reprimanding Big D and I, his lowly minions, in his very own language.

Did I mention that he points? And waves in a mocking fashion whatever objects he managed to grab from their not-so-well-hidden temporary homes on shelves or atop raised surfaces and tables? He's lucky those pearly little rabbit teeth he has are always visible in a rickety little smile. Well, when he's not furrowing his little brow very seriously and putting us on a time-out.

Don't believe me? I have video. I'll post just as soon as I have a moment for a nap and a quick tutorial on video editing. Which could be once he turns three.


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