Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mama's Mini Gourmand?

The last few weeks have been tough on this working mom. Baby D has been sick from one thing or another - coughing fits, high fever, the always pleasant stomach virus - for most of this month. Of course I've also been catching everything as a result. How isn't Big D getting any of this? Anyway, I've been having to take off half and full sick days here and there. You know, those days that we moms called "Mental Health Days" (with indignant conviction) before we had children? Now, I love my baby. But this guy is a BUSY BODY. Even when he's sick. No peaceful sick rest. Its all running around and chock-hazard elimination over here. Nothing like the mani/pedi sick days we had in our twenties. Nothing like that at all.

Oh, that's not the point of this little post. The point is that I've gotten to know something pretty awesome about Baby D today. He likes Chinese Hot & Sour soup. You know, the one with Wood Ear mushrooms, tofu and red pepper flakes? My sweet little runny-nosed baby likes it. Weird. I have adult friends for whom that combination is too gastronomically complex (or strange - depending on what side of the fence you're on). He also likes different types of fish and vinegar-based sauces. What am I trying to say? He's a genius. That's all.

Did I tell you how much puffery irks Big D? When he heard a woman on Wheel of Fortune talking about how intellectually advanced her 13 month old is, eye-rolling ensued. In fact, he was rooting against her for the remaining rounds. Lose a Turn! Bankrupt! Apparently, baby didn't get his gift from the mom. I kid.

I'd like to think I'm responsible for Baby D trying (and liking) different foods. Oh, right, I'm the one who gives it to him. Now if only I could convince the daycare ladies that occasional assorted chips aren't a healthy snack choice without sounding too uppity...


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