Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sprichst Du Deutsch? O Ja.

So, last week I decided to seriously begin German language training with Baby D. The only issue with which I am wrestling is how to teach the baby German while still being inclusive when Big D is around. While it would be secretly awesome for the baby and I to carry on stealth conversations with Dad in the room, it wouldn't be very nice. But it would be fun. Just imagine the two of us bent at the waist, slapping our knees and cackling at a joke all while Big D stares on blankly. Like a shivering man standing out in the cold looking at the family cozily sitting by the fireplace. A warm, precious mom and son scene. Not so much for Dad.

Since I learned most of my German as an adult, I'm not very familiar with vocabulary and phrases parents use with young children. This poor baby is going to be speaking in the style of a political magazine. I did my research (thank you Secretary Google) and found Alphabet Garten. She has a PDF handbook with every tot-friendly German phrase you could imagine. I feel good about this. Let's hope Big D feels inspired enough to listen in on our German days and we may have THREE German speakers in the family. Then we'd be able to talk about everyone else while they stare blankly and try to understand what the hell is so funny. Real family bonding.

Any suggestions for successfully raising a bilingual child?


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