Friday, January 21, 2011

How Does Technology Impact Your Daily Interaction with Family?

The Hubbers asked me a question yesterday that made me as myself: Am I too connected? He didn't mean any harm with it, I least I don't think he did. He said that I have an alternate life online. When I asked for specifics, he cited me uploading pictures to the blog from our visit to the museum the same day or bringing along the iPad for our visit. Hey! the American Museum of Natural History has iPad tours and tools for visitors to download. I was enhancing our visit.
Granted, these questions usually come on the heels of a Twitter party because of the close attention and time I have to dedicate for the hour. But these occur every two months or so. I try not to feel guilty about taking even that small amount of time away from the family on that rare occasion where I am online while everyone is awake. This, all coming from a woman who is sporting a baby blanket stuffed into her winter coat as a makeshift scarf because she was too busy getting the baby bundled up to dress herself properly. This is my hobby. For the most part, being the first mom among your group of friends living in a singles-friendly city doesn't exactly leave lots of opportunity for solo outings with gals. Its not like I can go on back-to-back weekend destination bachelor's parties. Ahem.
My presence online allows me to share my parenting experiences with other parents. Its also brought me broad knowledge about every thing in the world about which I've always wanted to learn. Indo-French spices? Check. Slight of hand tricks? Check. It has even allowed me to self-diagnose my appendicitis in real-time, introduce Baby D - hours after his birth - to my relatives in the neighboring states and across the globe, and search for the perfect home. For my family. My e-hobby is much better than living on Facebook (no offense, Facebook), obsessing about the lives of others. I'm enhancing our lives. 
Now, I've heard about parents tinkering with their smartphones during baby's bath time. Or gaming while propping a bottle during feedings. That's not this girl. I use technology to introduce the baby to stories he can hear, see and physically interact with, or alter. Do you know what a Quetzal sounds like? Baby D does. We use technology as a supplement and nor a substitute. When used properly, it can be hugely beneficial to families, especially this one, by getting tasks done more efficiently. This frees up time for vis-a-vis interaction. But that's just the opinion from a technologically-enhanced mom. 

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  1. Aren't we all too connected? What would I do without my IPOD touch? Read a book?


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