Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on Home Purchase

I kinda feel like I just broke up with a fiance. We negotiated, put in time and money over the last few months and even signed a contract. All to have it fall apart. Our betrayal: the home appraisal. It simply didn't come in high enough to cover the contract price. Honestly, that part blindsided us. Sure, the nearly $20,000 closing costs were a surprise but we got over it. Realized it was the cost of being in love - with a house. We'd have to spend that with whatever domestic partner we chose. But the appraisal? You seemed like a sure thing. Who knew?

So, our search for the perfect mate goes on. Big D and I still have hope that one day we'll reunite with our first residential love. But for now, we're off again. Let's hope we don't jump for the first beauty just to realize it's a rebound. Why is home-buying so difficult?

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