Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bad Food Hangover

I have absolutely had enough of the delicious but terrible-for-you foods associated with watching football. I'm happy that the season is over. The button on my pants agrees. Keeping an eye on my own intake is hard enough. Add Baby D's nutritional needs and its a full time job.

While I tried to replace with regular Cheerios every cheese curl that Baby D stealthily snatched from the snack table during the Big Game, I couldn't catch each one. By the time I got him to bed, his little fingers were covered in neon orange cheese dust. Nutrition fail.  Fortunately, I prepared a flavorful chicken soup with winter root vegetables for him to enjoy tomorrow. I figure beginning the week with one hot homemade meal will motivate me to keep it up for the rest of the week.

Its going to be a long week.


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