Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Sweet Sleep!

Hi there. Long time, no see. Because Baby D is not sleeping...and thus NO ONE IS SLEEPING.

I heard an old wives' tale that a little whiskey on the gums before bedtime works. How much do they recommend I drink?

But really, I'll be back. I just need a disco nap.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

SafetyTat Giveaway WInner!

Comment #2 wins the giveaway. Congratulations Polly! I've contacted you for your details.

Everyone else - stand by...more giveaways are coming up!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - What's Over There? Spring Is Here!

Today is International World Water Day – Tips to Educate Your Family on Water

Today, people from all over the world are celebrating International World Water Day, an observance begun by the United Nations in 1993 to advocate for the sustainable management of our most precious natural resource – fresh water sources.


In the spirit of water awareness, here are some interesting facts to share with your family:


·        Less than 1% of the earth's water is suitable for drinking

·        More than a billion people around the globe survive on just over 1 gallon of water per day

·        Potentially more than 3 billion people may suffer from water shortages by the year 2025

·        66% of the human body is water

·        A person can only live without water for approximately one week


Another great way to educate your children on this very important topic is to get them directly involved. As part of Siemens commitment to helping communities make big changes in how they consume, manage and recycle fresh water, the company has developed these fun and interactive family-friendly tools to help educate your children on water usage and make a household commitment to conserving water:


1.      Personal Water Footprint Calculator: A family-friendly tool for parents to educate their children on water usage and make a household commitment to conserving.  After completing a simple quiz, your family can commit to making small changes in your daily lives that make a big difference. Then, you can share this commitment with your family and friends via Facebook to help spread the word!

2.      Change Begins with a Drop: Get creative and work with your children to create a 10 second video of a drop of any form, shape or material passing along the screen as they dance, smile, walk, swim and submit it to the "Change Begins with a Drop" YouTube chain for the world to see! (For every video uploaded, Siemens will donate $1 to the  SkyJuice Foundation)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toy Fair 2011!

In February, I got the opportunity to do what every kid dreams of...preview all the latest toys before they hit store shelves. I headed down to the Javits Center and walked what seemed like miles and miles of convention space. There were beeps and lights and flying objects everywhere. I met with some awesome toy companies and toured their toy suites.

Thank you Melissa & Doug for the extensive tour (I loved every.single.toy...and we already owned half of them) and fruit smoothies! Backyard Safari Outfitters got me really excited about the summer and gathering (and housing!) creepy crawlies with Baby D. Zillionz had great children's money management toys. Where were kids ATMs when my sister and I had our living room supermarket? We wrote out checks from my mother's real checkbook to buy our groceries. She was not happy.

Before all the fun got started at the Javits, I enjoyed breakfast with fellow bloggers at Goldberger Toys. Their natural cotton teething doll was really soft and totally appropriate for our little macho man. They have a lifetime guarantee on all of their dolls (crazy, right?).

I also decided that I HAVE TO HAVE the Tinkles potty training doll for Baby D. He comes with a cute little potty. Oh, yeah, we're abandoning diapers in a couple weeks. Let's see how this pans out...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Teaching Children Tolerance

When I was a teenaged babysitter for a lovely Orthodox Jewish family, I had an interesting experience with my five year old charge. While the mother was saying her goodbyes, she asked her son if he's going to have fun with me learning the Hebrew alphabet. He said, "I don't know". After the mother prodded further, he responded, "because she's Black". Of course, the mother had a shocked - SHOCKED - look on her face. I trusted that he didn't learn this type of differentiation at home. The mother and I both looked puzzled as to where he got the idea that the brown girl wouldn't be fun to learn the Alephbet with. To this day, I never got that answer.
Every child should be directly taught tolerance from by their guardians, or indirectly by their environment. You can't imagine the intolerant, hurtful things I hear adults say around children. Remember this? Now, I do realize that tolerance can be different from acceptance. And that some people are willing to do one and not the other. We aren't at all perfect, but we should try to be mindful not to lump others into groups based on external attributes. It can be confusing and maybe even harmful to children who are probably better off getting to know their daycare pals, schoolmates and world without our biases.
So, how do you plan on teaching your child tolerance in a world that throws around phrases like "that's gay" or "you're retarded" as if they don't hurt? Do you attempt to shield his ears or allow him to hear it and explain it right away?
This parenting stuff is tricky, isn't it?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Movies on Demand Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Comment #13 - Stephanie! Just respond to my e-mail and forward your shipping for your prize.

Thank you to all who entered. Check out my newest giveaways for more chances to win useful stuff!

SafetyTat Review and Giveaway

While shopping in a clothing store for children a few weeks back, I lost sight of the baby for about 30 seconds. Those were the longest 30 seconds of my life. We had been playing hide-and-go-seek by peeking through and around a circular clothing rack. Baby D turned out to be a better escape artist than I anticipated. In a matter of seconds, he had crawled under the rack (new move) and made it to the entrance of the store. Scary. I scooped him up after hearing his sweet little giggle behind me. All the while I tried to figure out how he pulled it off when our play area consisted of a four foot wide rack of clothing.

I reviewed SafetyTat shortly after this incident and thought they would be perfect for added piece of mind - especially if you have a non-verbal child. My nephew, for instance, is as tall and active as a six year old, but at two and a half, he is unable to give his home telephone number. SafetyTat would be great for a trip to a beach, mall or birthday party. The fact that I can write my cell phone number (or any other identifying info) on it appeals to my super safety-conscious side. For a slightly neurotic person like me, a trip to the beach or playground might warrant a double SafetyTat. With both cell phone numbers…especially if you have a known wanderer on your hands. And your cell phone reception is spotty.

It was easy to apply. That’s saying a lot because Baby D is a wiggle worm. Peel off the backing, affix to the arm while applying pressure for about 20 seconds. Write in info on the Quick Stick Write-On (or use the pre-printed Original Safety Tat or design your own custom printed labels) Voila!
It Has Withstood 5 Days of Baths and Play
Made of a micro-thin elastomer with medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive, SafetyTat is waterproof and will last up to two weeks.

Large and Colorful Enough to Be Noticed

AND Flattering to Baby D's Mini Bicep

Buy It!

Get 10% off any order $15 or more. Go to and enter HitSendLetGo (case sensitive)
Coupon good March 7 through March 21, 2011.

Win It!

One SafetyTat sample pack of Quick Stick Write-On! labels

To Enter: Visit and answer this question in the comments: What SafetyTat design do you like the best?

You can do any of these things for an extra entry. Make sure to leave a separate comment for EACH thing you do.

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Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I received Safety Tat samples for this review and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own. Thank you to who supplied the products for the review and giveaway.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yoplait Frozen Smoothie Prize Pack Review and Giveaway Winner!

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Please respond within 48 hours with your shipping information.

We'll be back with more giveaways in a couple of days, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Watch This Dad! All Net!

Every time Big D watches the Knicks on TV, Baby D does this the entire game:


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