Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toy Fair 2011!

In February, I got the opportunity to do what every kid dreams of...preview all the latest toys before they hit store shelves. I headed down to the Javits Center and walked what seemed like miles and miles of convention space. There were beeps and lights and flying objects everywhere. I met with some awesome toy companies and toured their toy suites.

Thank you Melissa & Doug for the extensive tour (I loved every.single.toy...and we already owned half of them) and fruit smoothies! Backyard Safari Outfitters got me really excited about the summer and gathering (and housing!) creepy crawlies with Baby D. Zillionz had great children's money management toys. Where were kids ATMs when my sister and I had our living room supermarket? We wrote out checks from my mother's real checkbook to buy our groceries. She was not happy.

Before all the fun got started at the Javits, I enjoyed breakfast with fellow bloggers at Goldberger Toys. Their natural cotton teething doll was really soft and totally appropriate for our little macho man. They have a lifetime guarantee on all of their dolls (crazy, right?).

I also decided that I HAVE TO HAVE the Tinkles potty training doll for Baby D. He comes with a cute little potty. Oh, yeah, we're abandoning diapers in a couple weeks. Let's see how this pans out...


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