Friday, May 20, 2011

Easy Transition to New Day Care? I've Got This Mom.

Mom. Seriously. You're hovering.
As you already know, Baby D started at a new child care center on Monday. I was very nervous for the little guy because he is used to being spoiled given lots of personal attention. I wasn't sure that the new teachers would be able to do that in the "big kid" room. I was wrong. After the first morning of crying, leg clenching and attempting to flee, Baby D has settled in amazingly well. By Tuesday, he was taking off his coat and staring down a fellow female toddler room denizen in the hopes of taking her bowl of cereal while she was distracted by his hypnotic gaze. Once the teacher put a bowl of his very own Cheerios on the family-style rectangular table, he pulled up his wooden toddle chair and had a seat. He smiled and dug in, essentially waving me off.

This new school is great because not only do they have caring teachers, they have a fenced and Astro Turfed playground right outside the classroom door, huge indoor playgrounds and access to an indoor pool with lessons for the toddlers. Its a kid's dream. Now I have to carry Baby D out kicking and screaming because he wants to go down the slide just one more time. Well, he isn't able to verbalize this, but something about his two hands death-gripping the sides of the ladder to the slide tells me this is the case.


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