Friday, May 27, 2011

I Wish I Knew How to Quit You, New York.

According to a NY1/YNN-Marist Poll, 26% of adults in New York State plan to move someplace else in the next five years while 67% say they will stay. 6% are unsure

Of residents who expect to leave New York, more than six in ten — 62% — cite economic reasons like jobs, the cost of living, or taxes. 38%, however, report non-economic reasons such as the proximity to family, overcrowding, quality of life, schools, or retirement as the catalyst.

Adults in the suburbs of New York City — 87% — and in the city — 80% —describe the cost of living in the state as not affordable

And we’re in contract on a house in the suburbs of New York City. The greatest city in the world is also the most expensive city in the world. I try not to share with non-NYC family and friends the cost of our prospective domain to avoid the “you get WHAT for HOW MUCH?” look.

Indeed, you get a postage stamp sized yard and three, perhaps four bedrooms in a 1000-1500 square foot quaint cape for about half a million dollars. With that, you also get the honor of paying $10,000 plus per year in taxes. Isn’t NY-metro suburbia, grand? But, really, it’s a steal compared to the million dollar studios in Manhattan.

Though the year long house-hunting process has had its frustrating moments, Big D and I can agree that the extra space for the baby (and my shoes) is well worth the trouble. A reliable parking spot is really the icing on the cake. I’m crossing my fingers that we move in time to strike up the barbie on Independence Day. Wouldn’t that be fitting? Finally free from the constant crowds, half hour block-circling to find a parking spot and cement parks.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


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