Sunday, May 1, 2011

Like the Jeffersons...Movin On Up

Happy May Day!

Baby D is a baby no more. At least at his child care center. He's moving up a few months early because the teachers believe he is so over being a baby. I'm not so sure I'M ready yet though. He loves those ladies and they've loved him right back since the day he joined the club exactly a year ago. They let him strike out on his own, mess up the playroom and basically run the joint while the rest of the tikes are asleep. And now he's moving on to hang with the big guys. Which also means having rules and boundaries. Baby D is not into boundaries. At all.

So here I am right now typing up a list of Baby D's likes and dislikes. And getting together all of his not so awesome clothes (in case this classroom mixes up the clothes as often as our launderer does - which is REALLY often)

I'm also steeling myself for all the anti-separation arm and leg flails and the tears. My own.

Wish us luck!


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