Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weddings: Celebrations of Love and Wild Night Out for Parents

Yes, we were all on our best behavior. Our best senior year of college behavior. I used to dread attending weddings...well, really just the ceremony part. I could never stay awake.

But this time was different. This is the first wedding we've been to since becoming parents and I loved. every. minute. We had overnight childcare. We had a lovely room on a lovely island off of Long Island's North Fork. And overflowing spirits. The band was phenomenal. But really, the best part, the very best part was being able to be carefree with other adults. Other MOMS who couldn't believe that we were finally out sans babes.

Some of us even tucked our husbands in and stayed until our feet couldn't dance any longer. We talked about parenting for the obligatory fifteen minutes and then we were back to kicking our feet up and enjoying ourselves.

So, weddings and brides-to-be, we parents thank you for the reminder of how wonderful this celebration of love (and a great night out) can be. And maybe one day, you too, will actually look forward to an evening out with a few tipsy moms.


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