Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recent Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of my most recent giveaways!

Access America Weekender Tote Giveaway:

Congratulations Tabathia! I've sent you an e-mail requesting your shipping information.

Muddy Buddies Giveaway:

Congratulations Melanie! I've sent you an e-mail requesting your shipping information.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Rewind - National Anthem Time!

Disney's Cars 2 Trailer and Giveaway!

Rev your engines as your favorite characters from Cars are back with Cars 2 racing into theatres everywhere on June 24th! Here is a brief synopsis of Pixar’s follow-up film to the Academy Award  Winning Toy Story 3:

When star racecar Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) and the incomparable tow truck Mater (voice of Larry the Cable Guy) head overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix, Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Access America Travel Insurance Review & Weekender Giveaway!

Moms: now that Father's Day is over, can we get back to receiving all the love and praise? Thank you. So, I think its time for us to have a little girls weekend. I planned one for next month and it can't come fast enough!

A few years ago, when I lived in L.A., I flew every few weeks back to the east coast. I also used my west coast location as a means to see other parts of world - the South Pacific, and other distant locales. Each and every time I bought a ticket, I also purchased travel insurance through whichever online travel agency I used because I just never knew when a family or work i.e. trip-canceling situation would arise. And I certainly couldn't afford to pay change fees that sometimes equaled the cost of the flights themselves!

In one such instance, I booked a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa but received a call from my parents that my grandmother had fallen ill. I had to quickly cancel that flight and book a flight back to New York.

Enter: Access America. With minimal paperwork and time, I had the $1200 cost of my ticket to Jo'burg reimbursed in time to book my flight back east. Needless to say, I was happy I spent the small amount for travel insurance. If I hadn't, I would've been relegated to cutting kidney beans into fours just to be able to afford the flight to see grandma. Happy ending: she did end up recovering after a few weeks stay in the hospital. Some people say its because I was able to get there in time...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chex Muddy Buddies Review and Prize Pack Giveaway!

Chex Mix® heard you loud and clear and is making every day a holiday by offering the previously limited-edition Chex Mix® Muddy Buddies year-round!

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies offers a unique combination of Corn Chex cereal, peanut butter, and chocolate, dusted with a powdery sweet coating. It’s the same delicious snack you’ve been making at home for years, now conveniently packaged and sharable for all occasions. Plus, it’s made with 50% less fat than regular potato chips so you can enjoy the taste without the guilt. Delish.

The kind folks at Chex Mix sent these little gems over for us to try and we couldn't keep our hands out of the container! They have the perfect mix of chocolate, peanut butter and crunchy corn shell that makes this a snack I'd be willing to hide from the rest of my family. Just so that the package lasts more than five seconds. It was so good, I can't wait to try some of their salty/savory mixes. Dear Chex Mix: you've created a snacking monster.

Buy It!
You can find Chex Muddy Buddies (and other flavors) in your local supermarket.

Win It!
One Chex Mix Muddy Buddies Gift Pack: a bag of Chex Mix Muddy Buddies, an OXO airtight sealed container (very cool btw), a snacking bowl, and a magnetic clip.

Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Father's Day Gift Guide

I'm just going to go on and say it. I'm completely guilty of buying my family, especially the hubby, gifts that I really want for myself. I research, buy and wrap them up hoping that the recipient will soon lose interest in the present and we'll get to *share* the item. What?

This little plan is helped by the fact that Big D thinks the abstract gifts I choose for him are strange. This year will be different. Big D LOVES sports and is always happy to receive some sports-related item. The same goes for any item that he can enjoy with family/friends. I guess we know who the least selfish person is in this relationship...  

                                                         Athletic Jerseys

NFL, MLB or NHL Jerseys. These can be pricey - especially if you decide to honor U.S. Copyright and trademark laws and buy licensed jerseys. But, if you get the team and size right, you will come out looking like an awesomely sports-savvy spouse. If you don't, well, you would have wasted a nice pile of cash.

Buy It! About $85-$250 at eBay; Amazon or NFLshop

                                               Board Game for a Fun Night In

 Loaded Questions by All Things Equal, Inc. This is, hands down, the funniest board game I have ever played. The questions are thought provoking and the answers are unpredictable but predictably hilarious. And thats before you add adult beverages to the equation! I played this with a handful of friends and family and all raved afterward. Although some of us could identify which player supplied a particular answer, each one of us learned something new about the other. It was at times very touching and also side-splitting. Looks like I'll be picking up the Junior and Parenting 101 versions for upcoming birthdays...

Sample question: Which animal characteristic would you most like to possess?

My male cousin: The ability to provide milk to my cheetah cubs. Exactly.

Buy It! $10 - $24.95 (depending on version) at Loaded Questions or Amazon

                                                        Photo Accessories

Photo Cuff Links by Photo Jewelry Making*. A lovely way for Dads to show off the ones they adore. And remind them at work and weddings that they should try to make it back home early! I've given these cufflinks to my father and Big D in the past and they were really a big hit. The EZ Photo Resizer CD that it comes with makes it super easy for even the not-so-techies amongst us. Its a unique and tasteful way for guys to show off without busting out the accordian collection of photos in their wallets.

Buy It! $19.99 at Photo Jewelry Making

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chili's Triple Dipper - Good Things Come in 3s Giveaway!

The Chili's Triple Dipper is an appetizer that includes 3 items of your choice, 3 dipping sauces, and one appetizing experience.  Combine your three favorite appetizers - all served with dipping sauces • NEW! Loaded Potato Skins • NEW! Memphis BBQ Skins • NEW! Honey-Chipotle Shrimp • Big Mouth® Bites • Boneless Buffalo Wings • Southwestern Eggrolls • Chicken Crispers® • Wings Over Buffalo® • Fried Cheese • Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip.

I LOVE the Hot Spinach & Artichoke dip. Baby D immediately snatched the bun off one of the Big Mouth Bite sliders and Big D is the only one who works out enough to savor the Loaded Potato Skins. A little something for everyone in the family. Did I tell you that I ordered two Triple Dippers just to get the full experience? The Buffalo Wings were particularly awesome with my adult beverage. The spicy hot + cold drink = mini mom dinner vacation.

Needless to say, I was a bit too full to eat anything else. But I'm a fan of the little nosh here, little nosh there so a plate consisting of my personal favorites is a perfect entree for me. Big D calls it being indecisive. I call it being a master orderer. I just have to anticipate batting little (and big) hands away if mine arrives before everyone else's meal.

Baby D in the Little Piggy Trio

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Return of the Allergies!

Target’s Asthma & Allergy Travel Tips from Target Health & Well-Being on Vimeo.

Here in New York, Spring was her for like a day and we immediately went to summer heat. Unfortunately, we didn't skip the eyes, nose and throat irritants that come with allergy/asthma season. It also appears that Mother Nature hasn't spared Baby D from my family's terrible allergy affliction.

In my family, we've even made up a word for our patented throat scratching thing we do. Its called "sconcking" and it requires you to stick your pinkie in your ear and use your tongue to scratch your own throat. And you have to wince while doing it. It looks like you're having some sort of fit, but it works. I sure don't hope Baby D ever learns this. Or get embarrassed in front of his friends when I do it.

Besides sconcking, we make sure to have OTC allergy medicine on hand when symptoms develop. For Baby D, we have made an effort to rid our home and car of environmental irritants using green products. I've found that the fragrance and contents of the toxic stuff exacerbates the sneezing and coughing.

My sister swears by the Neti pot. It was a staple when we were pregnant and otherwise unable to treat allergy symptoms with medicine. It seems weird thing but its effective and actually refreshing.

I feel for you fellow allergy sufferers...with all the humidity, heat and required travel, it looks like we're in for a rough one this summer.
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