Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Father's Day Gift Guide

I'm just going to go on and say it. I'm completely guilty of buying my family, especially the hubby, gifts that I really want for myself. I research, buy and wrap them up hoping that the recipient will soon lose interest in the present and we'll get to *share* the item. What?

This little plan is helped by the fact that Big D thinks the abstract gifts I choose for him are strange. This year will be different. Big D LOVES sports and is always happy to receive some sports-related item. The same goes for any item that he can enjoy with family/friends. I guess we know who the least selfish person is in this relationship...  

                                                         Athletic Jerseys

NFL, MLB or NHL Jerseys. These can be pricey - especially if you decide to honor U.S. Copyright and trademark laws and buy licensed jerseys. But, if you get the team and size right, you will come out looking like an awesomely sports-savvy spouse. If you don't, well, you would have wasted a nice pile of cash.

Buy It! About $85-$250 at eBay; Amazon or NFLshop

                                               Board Game for a Fun Night In

 Loaded Questions by All Things Equal, Inc. This is, hands down, the funniest board game I have ever played. The questions are thought provoking and the answers are unpredictable but predictably hilarious. And thats before you add adult beverages to the equation! I played this with a handful of friends and family and all raved afterward. Although some of us could identify which player supplied a particular answer, each one of us learned something new about the other. It was at times very touching and also side-splitting. Looks like I'll be picking up the Junior and Parenting 101 versions for upcoming birthdays...

Sample question: Which animal characteristic would you most like to possess?

My male cousin: The ability to provide milk to my cheetah cubs. Exactly.

Buy It! $10 - $24.95 (depending on version) at Loaded Questions or Amazon

                                                        Photo Accessories

Photo Cuff Links by Photo Jewelry Making*. A lovely way for Dads to show off the ones they adore. And remind them at work and weddings that they should try to make it back home early! I've given these cufflinks to my father and Big D in the past and they were really a big hit. The EZ Photo Resizer CD that it comes with makes it super easy for even the not-so-techies amongst us. Its a unique and tasteful way for guys to show off without busting out the accordian collection of photos in their wallets.

Buy It! $19.99 at Photo Jewelry Making

                                                    Sports Themed Cookbook

Diamond Dishes. Combining two of dad’s favorites, baseball and food, this entertaining and insightful new book gives an inside look into the lives, homes, and kitchens of some of baseball’s greatest stars through their favorite recipes. We tried A-Rod's steak and it was delish. The hope is that his favorite players cooking their personal recipes will inspire Big D to take to the stove top himself.

Buy It! $13.50 - $24.99 at Amazon

                                                    Tickets to Sporting Events

Baseball Tickets. Buy these in New York and you will pay an arm and a leg. Maybe your first born. BUT, get the seats and price right and you'll be on a short list of your mate's/father's heroes. I recommend purchasing from a season ticket holder. At the very last minute. For a weekday/weekend day game. And sign up for direct deposit at work to save up at least $200 for the beer, hot dogs and peanuts. You'll score extra points for letting him take a friend or brother instead of you. Come on! You'll both get the day off.

Buy It! $8-$600 (depending on seat) at StubHub

*Disclosure:  The review of the photo cuff links was made possible by Mom Spark Media. provided me with the product for the review. All thoughts are my own.


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