Saturday, June 4, 2011

Return of the Allergies!

Target’s Asthma & Allergy Travel Tips from Target Health & Well-Being on Vimeo.

Here in New York, Spring was her for like a day and we immediately went to summer heat. Unfortunately, we didn't skip the eyes, nose and throat irritants that come with allergy/asthma season. It also appears that Mother Nature hasn't spared Baby D from my family's terrible allergy affliction.

In my family, we've even made up a word for our patented throat scratching thing we do. Its called "sconcking" and it requires you to stick your pinkie in your ear and use your tongue to scratch your own throat. And you have to wince while doing it. It looks like you're having some sort of fit, but it works. I sure don't hope Baby D ever learns this. Or get embarrassed in front of his friends when I do it.

Besides sconcking, we make sure to have OTC allergy medicine on hand when symptoms develop. For Baby D, we have made an effort to rid our home and car of environmental irritants using green products. I've found that the fragrance and contents of the toxic stuff exacerbates the sneezing and coughing.

My sister swears by the Neti pot. It was a staple when we were pregnant and otherwise unable to treat allergy symptoms with medicine. It seems weird thing but its effective and actually refreshing.

I feel for you fellow allergy sufferers...with all the humidity, heat and required travel, it looks like we're in for a rough one this summer.


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