Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Home Improvement Gods

Please shine your golden light upon our new house. At as reasonable a cost as you can muster please. Since signing our lives away, we've encountered a massively clogged kitchen sink, a broken dryer belt - which we fixed TWICE, an army of tiny ants large enough to defend the Soviet Union and closets full of Easter, Christmas and Graduation knick knacks inherited from the previous seller. Additionally, though not a surprise but just as aggravating, a gray and pink bathroom and  approximately thirty thousand yards of carpet (which incomprehensibly covered beautiful wood floors).

But we have a beautiful home to work with. Let's just hope we don't kill one another doing it.


  1. I'm confused as to how finding closets filled with Easter and Christmas treasures is a bad thing?! :)

  2. Please provide your address and I will gladly send them to you.


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