Tuesday, September 13, 2011


While driving home during one of the busiest times in the city, Baby D uttered magic words that made my world pause for a few seconds. He was tired and whining while we waited and waited and waited for hours to get through the city. I had just picked up the laundry and decided to grab a carton of milk (though we had gallons at home already) in case the ride home was terrible. It was. I simultaneously opened the bottle - yes, I know. But, its comforting to the little guy when we're on the road but my point was, it has about FIVE different - parts - while driving and poured some udderly terrific liquid gold in. I fill the bottle and hand it to The Commander. He nimbly takes it with his small sweet hands and says "Tank You".

HOLD THE PHONE. It seems like I've been waiting my entire parenthood heretofore to hear this phrase. I've heard him say it while mimicking others in the past but this is the very first time he has said it with such sincerity and genuine gratefulness. He meant it. I was witnessing the development of empathy in a toddler. He must've been thinking, "that frazzled woman. She's driving in this nightmare traffic in that not-as-cushy-as-my-own car seat and she looks like she's had a hard day". With that, he just stopped whining (my ears were also grateful), expressed his two word gratitude, and relaxed in his seat for the rest of the trip.

Is this how the little ones get you to give them a sibling?


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