Friday, September 2, 2011

Small Losses, Big Wins

At the end of every day, I think of my personal shortcomings and successes as I lay in my bed. I promise myself that I won't give the baby more than one - ok, two - ice pops a day. I vow not to eat as many carbs. And  to discontinue keeping a mental count of who - between my husband, daycare and myself - changed more diapers that day. Or read more board books. Of course I try to think of healthy menus for my family. Only to be reminded by another thought that I simply don't have enough time to cook during the workweek. So healthier take-out then. I also promise to use our treadmill in the basement for its intended purpose. Instead of a dryer for delicates.
All those unfulfilled promises of the day are erased when Big D and I witness our tiny Commander spontaneously start counting to ten (Did you teach him that? I didn't teach him that). Or  yells/sings the refrain of the Wheels on the Bus ("ALL THROO DA DOWN"). Or demands another ice pop with perfect pronunciation and properly extended forefinger.
Ok, in these sweet cases, maybe I'll continue keeping score.


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