Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tech Mom to the Rescue

It’s the weekend and its finally my free time to be connected. Whether we are in the house or our running errands, I usually use my netbook or cell phone to look up prices for the best deals while shopping or check out comparable used items on Craigslist. On a recent trip upstate (in the middle of Hurricane Irene!), Big D says I saved the trip with my the use of technology. Here are my current favorites:

Verizon's Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hot Spot - I was the envy of all my co-irkers because they all begged to allow them to connect to my mobile hotspot to check their personal e-mail from their cell phones. They ALL wanted to use it to check their Facebook pages during lunch, as our workplace, like most others (smart!), block the site. You toss it in your purse and go. This thing was tiny and very powerful. It worked with all of our wireless gadgets - cell phone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android-based tablets.  Want to really become popular? Bring it to your non-internet connected aunt’s house on a major holiday. If they’re anything like my family members, they’ll give their left arm to be able to connect to it. Last minute Fantasy Football updates on Thanksgiving at Aunt Typewriter's house, anyone?

Samsung Galaxy Tablet - This came in super handy when I was visiting my uncle's house in the south. He told us there was no internet connection only to have us later spy him take out his work laptop (connected to a 4G LTE) and use it. I assume he didn’t tell us about it because it was provided solely for business but we were having major internet withdrawal. Well, everyone except for me. I was surfing like a champ on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy 4G. It had a fast connection, good selection of apps and a brilliant display. I could only bear to part with it when I was taking a nap. I liked it better than my other tablet because it has an Android-based OS. I find this more user-friendly, especially for PC users. The next weekend, I used it to get the only signal available out in the middle of nowhere when we left Saratoga Springs and were faced with multiple detours off of the highway due to downed trees. The maps and gps on this baby helped us make very quick detours, avoiding super creepy, ominously dark back roads. When I wasn’t monitoring the maps, I switched back to the awesome  selection of (free!) baby animal picture/sound apps I downloaded from the comfort of my backseat spot next to the baby in his car seat.
He was pleased. And consequently, so were we.

Service for this one starts at $30/month and $529 for the tablet.

Mobile internet access is a must for me. Luckily,  these last few weeks’ experiences have convinced Big D that they are valuable for something other than  me just participating in Twitter parties and deal-a-day shopping! Sign me up.

Disclosure: I was provided these gadgets on short-term loan for review. I was not compensated for this post.

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  1. Thanks for the insight, especially since these items would have come in handy for my personally on a family trip. Not having Internet access readily available can be worse than one would expect, especially if a critical deadline needs to be met.


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