Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween: Cute & Cuddly or Pop - Culty?

So, I had the perfect little costume for Baby D and was quite proud of myself because it involved clothing that he could wear any other day of the year. I hate spending money on things you can only wear once. Which is why I wore a pant suit to my wedding.

I kid.

But seriously, I had a little outfit that mirrors the clothing of a certain MTV reality star. I know. I'm a 16 year old girl. When I revealed my plans to Big D, he asked when I'm going to pick up a "real" costume.

Does Baby D really have to be a fuzzy duckling, lion, wallaby, suckling pig or any similarly cute and mundane animal?

Can't he just be Flava Flav or Pauly D?


  1. You misrepresent my position, I thought he was going as John McEnroe, which I was happy about. Sorry if I don't want my son dressing up as Pauly D for Halloween.

  2. I completely disagree with "anonymous"! PAULY D WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME! Respectfully yours, Completely Disappointed in NYC.

  3. LOL. Thanks Eleni! There is still time for Pauly D. Still time!


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