Monday, November 7, 2011

Motor-diapers and Other Modes of Transport

While taking our daily commuting trek in the mornings or traveling to New England on the weekends, I look forward to hearing an enthusiastic "MOTORDIAPER!" come from the cushy green club chair-like toddler carseat anchored to the backseat of the car. Baby D yells it every time a Harley, or a Yamaha or any other motorized bike rides by.

We've got many wonderful Baby D-isms that are just too cute for me to correct. I haven't read what Dr. Spock has to say about all of this, but its like Baby D has attended adorable training and also now adds "y" to most of the animal names he previously spoke in the boring adult way. Horsey, ducky, doggy, sheepy. I squeeze him so much he burps.

Next time you're at the zoo, visit its most long-necked denizen - the Butterfaffe. Or view the world's largest land mammal - the Elem standing by the cool pool of Whoady. But make sure not to get pulled over by a Peace-Car, hit a Trukt or drive onto a farm and hit a Faktor (Big D is relieved Baby D's Trukts aren't given the same letter treatment).

And please, whatever you do, don't forget the Botty. He needs it to relax in his overstuffed chair.


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