Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sleepy's Serenity Gel Pillow Review

Based on what studies have found about the importance of sleep on our health and well-being, I've put it at the top of my list for the coming year. I've actually been trying to focus on it since I was pregnant with Baby D. With the recent addition of my Dr. Breus bed, I've been achieving my sleep goals one snooze at a time. 

Recently, Sleepy's sent over a set of pillows that I chose from their line. Big D and I added these babies to our already nearly perfect bed setup.

The Serenity Gel Pillow comes in a two pack and is a gel infusion poly fill with a quilted cotton cover. It feels as comfortable and cool as down minus the allergic reaction that I get from down. Its also hypoallergenic. The Sateen exterior is smooth and silky and nice enough that you wouldn't need to add a pillow case. The light blue satin piping gives it the appearance of serious sleep-inducing equipment. And it truly is. 

We've been used to sleeping on the el cheapo two-pack for $10 pillows so we didn't know just how big a difference a little extra monetary investment can make. With the price in the $70-$99 range, these aren't cheap pillows but they also don't feel like cheap pillows. You know, the kind you had in college that folded like a cheap suit, leaving you feeling like your face was in full contact with your twin-size bed springs all night? If you know someone with pillow issues (i.e. yellowed, flat or otherwise useless), I recommend giving them a set of these as a gift for Christmas or Hannukah. Or, ideally as a wedding gift. It's a luxury item that has a real - and satisfying - purpose.

Big D likes them, and he's not an easy man to please with pillows. He going to kill me for telling you that, in addition to folding at least two under his head to watch Sports Center, he likes to hug his pillow when he sleeps. The Serenity Gel Pillow was large enough to be Big D's pillow-baby and also fluffy and firm enough that he didn't need to fold two to prop under his head to watch TV. He only needed one!

It's added a whole new level of comfort to our nights. With this kind of luxury in our room, we'll never get the baby out of our bed.


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