Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

*Disclaimer - If you are in any way adverse to over-the-top gluttony, do not read this post.

We held our first every Thanksgiving as a family in our home. Before she passed, Big D's Mom was the Thanksgiving Heroine and the family looked to her for an awesome holiday. We tried to continue in that same spirit and I hope we did her justice.

Big D's sister cooked/baked up a storm. She did Mom proud.

My mom and dad - both caterers - helped to make our night successful. In short, there was TOO MUCH FOOD. I'm still eating it. I froze lots but there's only so much you can do with it all.

We had:Green bean casserole

roast beef - a sheet pan
two turkeys
three bowls of home-made cranberry sauce
green bean Almondine
collard greens (with turkey bacon fr all you non-pork eaters)
Swedish meatballs
bacon-wrapped scallops (yes, pork AND shellfish)
spinach&sausage stuffed mushrooms
seafood-stuffed mushrooms
shrimp cocktail
BBQ spare ribs
stuffed pork
three hams
Brussels sprouts
candied yams
three apple pies
cranberry nut bread
about 3 cases of wine

more desserts than are appropriate during a recession
And so much more.

It was such a nice spread that we had to share with our local food bank.

We look forward to another family gathering with all the trimmings. We had so much fun.

Maybe next year, we'll try to keep it to five pounds of food per person.


  1. That is not even right but I need leftovers! Send them to the East you! Chez

  2. Holy cow!!!!! That IS a lot of food! So glad you all had a great day- we miss you guys! xoxo
    Michele Gebhard

  3. Can i come to your house next year... :)


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