Friday, December 16, 2011

The Twelve (Good Sleep) Nights of Christmas

Forget Five Golden Rings; Sleep is the “Stocking Stuffer” of the Season

New York, December 14, 2011One of the big health news stories of 2011 has been the declaration of “Sleep” as the cure for all that ails us – stress, obesity, poor concentration and a lacking love life.

While there is no true “gift of sleep,” there are gifts aplenty in all price ranges to help improve sleep quality.  Resolve to sleep better in the New Year and kick it off with twelve (good sleep) nights now.
Sleepy’s offers these sleep stocking stuffers worth checking into:

1.                   Creature Comforts Massaging Slippers
2.                   Bliss Plush Rectangular Travel Pillow
3.                   Fuzzy Friends Cow Slippers
4.                   Hot Hug Duck
5.                   Sound Asleep Pillow with Speaker
6.                   Sound Oasis
7.                   DreamTime’s Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask
8.                   Simmons Beautyrest Sleep Massager
10.                 Wildbleu Wicking Pajamas
11.                 300 Thread Count Adjustable Bed Sheets
12.                 Aromatherapy Dream Bath Sleep


Sleep Doctor Michael Breus adds some tips to jumpstart good sleep habits this season.

1)      Just a Half-Hour.  Start by going to bed just one half-hour earlier and you can dramatically increase the quality of your sleep and begin to instill a lifelong  good habit

2)      Cardio not Cappuccino. Exercise (specifically 20-30 minutes of aerobic) is one of the single best ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Research shows that those who have a regular exercise program get deeper sleep.

3)       The Right Light. Light is the single biggest factor telling your body that it is morning, in the evenings use a book light for reading, change bulb wattage to 45 at the bedside table, and use a night light in the bathroom to get you there and back to sleep.

4)      Banish the Bedroom Barnyard. Kids, pets and snoring bedmates can all disrupt sleep, if you have any or all, make a new set of rules: silence is golden. Consider earplugs (Noise Level Rated at 32 or below so you can still hear the fire alarm) or a sound machine. Both can be a great gift.

5)      Create a sleep sanctuary. Love the last hotel bedroom you stayed in? Rip it off! Beautiful bed linens, scented products, soothing sounds can all help induce the sleep you need.

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