Saturday, January 28, 2012

Toddler Behavior - We've Got a Hitter

Well, he's more of a swatter/shooer. Whenever Big D and I tell Baby D not to do something (like put his toothbrush into the sink overflow prevention hole thingy or bury his cars in the ashes in the fire place), he takes his little hand and waves us off in a "go to Hades you nonsensical unadventurous stiffs" manner. Usually an equally condescending furrowed brow accompanies this hand gesture. What's a parent to do?

I admit that we've also secretly smiled when hearing from his preschool teacher
that he holds a grudge when a fellow daycare denizen hits or bites him. She says he'll wait until the crowd of caretakers has dispersed, the Ouchie Report has been filed and the tiny assailant has served his time-out, to exact his revenge. And then he goes for it, usually very casually walking behind the former aggressor and giving him a little shove or shoulder check. This guy is like an '86 Detroit Piston. I know its terrible but there's something I admire about the careful manner in which Baby D goes about it. He just wants to remind the fellas that he's keeping score. And he is not to be toyed with. Our little New Yorker.

But seriously, to keep this hand-schooing and general disregard for our admonitions at a minimum, we've instituted the time-outs that our pediatrician suggested. Where you withdraw affection and attention for two minutes. Sometimes, I think he gets it. But other times, when he later comes up to me and rubs my face softly with cupped hands and says, "aww, nice, nice mommy", I'm pretty sure he's sarcastically lulling me into complacency while he's furtively planning his retribution.

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